Its Fall! + A Recipe🍁

Jenny/ October 25, 2020/ Family Life

Its the most gorgeous time of the year! I am SO living this fall weather and we are spending most of our days outside. The trees are STUNNING this year where we live! What can you do for homeschooling in the Fall? Now is the PERFECT time for nature study with trees and their leaves! Make leaf rubbings, collect acorns

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Are You A Stressed Out Mama?

Jenny/ October 20, 2020/ Family Life

Alrighty, I know we ALL get stressed out at some points in our lives. I mean life is BUSY! And full and CRAZY a lot of the time. But if you’re stressed out all the time that’s not good for you or your family. Ask me how I know that…😳😟 and this summer I hit a wall I couldn’t just

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What a Mama Bear Can Teach You

Jenny/ October 13, 2020/ Family Life

Ok I know that title is a little odd.. I mean how often do we go to animals to teach us about how to homeschool and parent? But I gotta tell you, there’s a lot we can learn from them! Read on to find out what a mama bear can teach you about homeschooling AND parenting! Disclaimer: this post contains

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How to Potty Train by a Mom of 4

Jenny/ September 28, 2020/ Family Life

Ok, so first off, I want to just give a disclaimer here. I’m not a potty training expert, or an early childhood development “expert”. I’m just a mom of 4 kids under 9 who I’ve successfully potty trained. So, if you’re looking for advice from someone who’s been to school for this you’re outta luck, sorry! If instead you’re looking

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Why Choose Homeschool instead of Virtual School

Jenny/ September 8, 2020/ Family Life, Thrifty Homeschool Mama Tips & Tricks

This year has seen unprecedented amounts of children staying home from “traditional public school”. But contrary to what many may believe there is a HUGE difference between homeschool and virtual public school. What is the difference and which one should you choose? Disclaimer: I use affiliate links of products i love and personally use! What is a homeschool? First of

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What Does Homeschooling Look Like in 2020 & 2021?

Jenny/ August 20, 2020/ Family Life

I have to be perfectly blunt right now I’d rather be sitting here enjoying the gorgeous weather we’re having than writing a blog post😝 But I do want to address what homeschooling is going to look like for us in the year 2020-2021. Disclaimer: I use affiliate links of products I love and personally use! What is homeschooling? Basically in

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Spring Update Part #2

Jenny/ June 27, 2020/ Family Life

A few weeks ago I gave everyone a little update on how we all are doing. This week I thought it would be best to do a garden update! This one makes me smile. We get our eggs from my lovely friend Cassie and this gorgeous egg was in there! These pictures are now a little old. Oops! Our tomatoes

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