How To Buy Less & Enjoy Life More + Recipes

Jenny/ March 29, 2020/ Family Life, Thrifty Homeschool Mama Tips & Tricks

So I don’t know about you but we are definitely buying less and shopping less since this COVID-19 mess. And I gotta tell you though my fridge shelves look different and barer we are eating great! How is that possible? To Buy less and enjoy more? Just keep reading to find out! Change your mindset! First off, if you’re sitting

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A Common Sense View of COVID-19

Jenny/ March 15, 2020/ Family Life

So it is completely obvious what is on the minds of most people right now. It seems to be pretty divided with one side freaking out and the other side doing nothing. I really think a common sense approach is a middle ground somewhere. Don’t panic! First off, freaking out and going into panic mode is not helpful anytime, much

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Lifeschooling~Help for the Stressed Out Mom

Jenny/ January 22, 2020/ Family Life

Dear Mama, are you tired? Are you a worried, stressed out mom and so discouraged? Is this road you’re traveling on not looking at all what you thought it would? Take heart and keep reading! You aren’t alone. Here’s help for the stressed out mama! Disclaimer: I use affiliate links of products I personally use & love. Being tired is

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My Top 3 Goals for 2020!

Jenny/ January 4, 2020/ Family Life

I can hardly believe it but it’s already the 4th day of a brand new year! It always excites me to start a new year (and in this case a new decade also!). So, I’ve been setting some goals and here they are! Goals for 2020 #1 I came up with 3 different categories I want to focus on this

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Into the Wild- A Life of Adventure

Jenny/ December 20, 2019/ Family Life

A life spent in the natural rhythm of God’s creation is never wasted! I’m afraid we have taken the natural “wild” out of our everyday life and it has been replaced with an artificial wildness that only destructs. What do you view as a waste of time? Do you think you must constantly be producing to be effectively managing your

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