5 Ways To Not Encourage Your Best Friend to Homeschool

Jenny/ August 4, 2020/ Family Life

Ok so this article about homeschooling is going to be fun and a bit tongue in cheek so don’t take me too seriously.

5 Ways to Turn Your Best Friend off of Homeschooling

So now you just absolutely love homeschooling and your best friend is considering it. This is really a HUGE thing right now with all the covid mess going on. But she’s not quite sure or maybe her husband isn’t on board. What’s a good friend to do? Well first let’s start off with what NOT to do.

  1. Show only the good and perfect side of your homeschool adventure. I mean I totally get it. We don’t want people to see the yucky side of something we love so much. And won’t it be a better encouragement to our friends if they see our pictures and stories of our neatly dressed, fed kids at 6:30 a.m.? Actually, NO! Why? Because they feel like they have SO much to measure up to. Instead, show them real life homeschooling. Yes focus on the positive but also be real. Show them the messes, the arguments and your house.
  2. Go into in-depth explanations of every curriculum you use. I understand, you just love these programs you are using and it would make life so much easier for your friend If they used it to. Not to mention your homeschooling philosophy is the absolute BEST. I mean, you’ve researched for years and now you are the homeschool expert. Don’t get me wrong, I completely understand this tendency. You just truly want your friend to succeed and you do have a ton of practical knowledge and help for them. But truthfully small bites go down MUCH easier! Don’t overwhelm your friends!
  3. Act like there is only one way for kids to succeed in homeschooling. Yeah you may honestly feel that way. I mean I am completely sold on Lifeschooling and the Wild+Free methods of homeschooling. But guess what? My best friends might not be geared that way. They may need a classical homeschool or even…gasp…worksheets! I know, I know its insane that we aren’t exactly alike but really its ok. My sister is a very straightforward homeschooler. Her daughter does 90% of her work on a computer through an online school. Her daughter is doing great and so are my kids who spend almost 0 time on online learning. My kids thrive on our homeschooling method and her daughter does on hers. Who cares? They’re both at home and learning!
  4. Act like you’re better than her because you homeschool and that people who truly love Jesus and their children ALL homeschool. Guess what? This is a super hard one! If you’re anything like me you DO feel its the absolute best thing for EVERY Christian butttt you are NOT the Holy Spirit nor are you responsible for your friend’s parenting choices. Leave their choices between them and God. He is well able to handle that and you aren’t. So if they are wavering please don’t make it a matter of salvation or friendship as to whether or not they homeschool. Do I believe its the best choice? Of course I do, but I’m my children’s momma, not theirs!
  5. Constantly hound them about it. Totally get this one and honestly there is a fine line between encouragement and being overbearing. I struggle here too! Is offering extra materials or supplies butting in? Do I ask if they would like to form a homeschool group? Do I offer practical suggestions if they are going through a rough patch and considering giving up? Yeah its a tightrope walk sometimes.

In the END…

What we really need to think ultimately is how can we be the best friend we can be! Sure I love homeschooling. I also love healthy eating and making my own fermented foods. But I can’t force anyone else to do that too! I can provide true help and hope and be there for them. Remember Jesus doesn’t force our decisions so be a friend like Jesus. And another thing, don’t forget to pray for them. This is a HUGE decision and goes completely against the mainstream. They need you!

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