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I have to be open and completely honest here I accidentally came upon Touch Points a couple of weeks ago. I started reading about them and quite frankly they seemed wayyy too good to be true. I mean what does neuroscience have to do with stress reduction? I didn’t really know but when I started reading about the studies done with ADD, ADHD and PTSD I was highly intrigued. When they agreed to let me review it I was thrilled! My husband was skeptical but we thought if it could give our son some relief from his intense emotions then it would be priceless.

I received this device for my fair and honest review. I also use affiliate links of products I personally use and recommend!

I got the devices 2 days after ordering! Talk about FAST shipping! They were super easy to setup and came with instructions but they also came with a FREE personal consultation on how to use them best for you. How cool is that? I’ve had several rounds of correspondence with them and they have been absolutely AWESOME to work with! The devices are worn on your wrists, in your pockets or socks or eben in elastic arm bands. Super simple and extremely handy. Gabe and I wear them on our wrists. Dennis wears them in his pockets or socks.

How does neuroscience work with these Touch Points?

Basically the devices vibrate on alternating patterns on opposite sides of the body. This calms your brain’s stress response down. There are a load of studies on their website dealing with ADD, ADHD, PTSD, Parkinson’s and more responding very favorably to this device. I can’t claim I did scientific studies but here’s what it did for us:

How the Touch Points work for us:

Our son is SUPER emotional and was having between 10-20 meltdowns a day. Anything from a lost toy to an accident resulting in pain could trigger it. This wasn’t a discipline issue but instead it was like he became SO overwhelmed with everything that he literally couldn’t deal with it. As a parent this is heartbreaking and very frustrating. I have to be blunt here its very distressing to have to deal with so many extreme emotions.

When we got these I charged them and not long after was naptime. Gabe usually gets very frustrated at having to calm down. I put these on and explained WHY I was doing it. After a few seconds he immediately calmed down and went to bed without argument. We’ve been using them now for a week and the difference is incredible. I won’t claim he has 0 meltdowns but they have decreased by about 80%. Not only that but the duration has decreased. Before if he would get hurt he would have melted down for 10 minutes now if he gets hurt and upset its for seconds instead of minutes. I can’t really explain how immense this is unless you have a child that struggles like that. It changes your world!

I want to also mention that my son is now asking for these when he starts to feel upset & told me he feels happy inside with them 🙂 Trust me, this makes it SO.WORTH.IT!

I have been having a lot of problems with stress lately and I started using these morning, midday and night. I can tell a big difference in my stress level and my sleep quality. I also found out by accident that they help me with my horrible headaches. I have been having almost daily tension headaches. In the past week these have prevented me from having to take otc medicine for them and the one day i did have to the medicine actually worked which is unusual. They also allowed me to sleep with the headache which doesn’t normally happen. As soon as I turned them on I could feel the tight band around my head lessening and my jaw was no longer tight! Again unless you deal with chronic headaches you can’t really get how amazing this is!

Do we recommend these?

YES! A thousand times YES! Even my husband says there is a tremendous difference and trust me people he’s a major sceptic! I couldn’t be more pleased with our results and quite frankly if I lost these today I would immediately order a new pair!

What’s the quality of these neuroscience devices?

These are VERY well made, small, comfortable and rechargeable Neuroscience devices. I charge them every night and though we use them for probably 2 hours or more a day (between the 3 of us) I have had no issues with the battery life. They provide you with a double charger, 30 day returns, 1 year warranty and the option of an extended warranty! There are 3 different color settings and you can easily choose which vibration works for you. They also habe an app which allows you to control it remotely and get personalized stress reports!

These are a PERFECT way to destress WITHOUT using potentially harmful medicines or just being constantly being frazzled. Life IS stressful but you can use neuroscience to your advantage! Use my link to Touch Points to save 12%!!

Let me know how these work for you!!

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