Britfield & The Return of the Prince

Jenny/ November 30, 2022/ Homeschool Reviews

Do you like a good intriguing, spellbinding series? If so then you’ll want to read Britfield & The Return of the Prince by C.R. Stewart.

This is the 3rd book in a series of books that travels along with 2 young teenagers Tom and Sarah. Tom is the true heir to the throne in England though the people in power have done everything possible to eliminate him. Sarah is his best friend and with the help of an uncover group known as The Resistance they will try to take back the throne from those who unlawfully possess it and in the process reunite Tom with his family.

In my opinion this was the best book yet. It kept me wondering until the end what would happen. Its a long book (560 pages) but honestly didn’t take me very long at all to read. I think because the plot moved along rapidly and you didn’t get lost in a lot of overwhelming details (like some books). I learned alot of English history from these books including some very interesting things about the Vatican (yes I googled it and found they were true, hehe).

This is a great book for young adults or adults. Younger kids would enjoy it being read to them and my son can’t wait for the audio books!

I can’t be a spoiler and actually tell you what happens but lets just say there’s boat rides, helicopter rides, lots of explosions and narrow escapes and you travel all over Europe. Oh and several dashes of tasteful romance! Happy Reading!

disclaimer: I received this book for my fair and honest review. I wasn’t required to give a positive review or compensated in any other way.

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