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Jenny/ October 20, 2020/ Family Life

Alrighty, I know we ALL get stressed out at some points in our lives. I mean life is BUSY! And full and CRAZY a lot of the time. But if you’re stressed out all the time that’s not good for you or your family. Ask me how I know that…😳😟 and this summer I hit a wall I couldn’t just climb over and my body started to tell me…NO MORE. It started to give up and my health started to really suffer. Sound like anybody you know?

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Stressed out constantly?

I had read all the stuff about not overloading your plate and then I was also reading all this stuff about pushing forward and accomplishing your goals. It was getting to where I was pushing myself wayyy too hard and one day boom…guess what? It caught up with me. I started getting very dizzy, had panic attacks around the clock and then thought I was having a stroke. Freaky!!

I went to the doctor but they couldn’t find anything. It was the weirdest sensation. I felt like I was short circuiting all over my body. Let me tell you it was NOT fun! I started doing some research and found I was having all the symptoms of panic attacks plus a probable hormone imbalance. I read and read and ordered some special supplements, removed some things from my diet and reduced my caffeine intake. Now, I’m starting to feel normal again!

If you’re curious what I take, I first want to make the disclaimer I am NOT a doctor and an NOT recommending you use these! Just telling you what works for me!

I first cut out dairy then after I had a severe setback I cut out gluten also. Oddly enough I gained weight after stopping gluten. The only answer I could find was that I most likely had major issues with gluten (possibly celiac disease) and gained weight once I was absorbing nutrients properly. This was somewhat of a bummer but after about 2.5 weeks I started losing weight.

I want to mention I had constant digestive problems but after cutting out dairy and gluten they basically went away! Hurray! Now I’m hoping that eventually I can add back in small amounts of these foods after my gut has healed but if I can’t I’d rather feel good then eat certain foods!

I was so stressed out that my midwife friend told me about SAMe which can help people with mood issues, depression, anxiety and panic attacks. I started taking it and its made a HUGE difference for me. I also started taking a hormone support called DHEA. I think it was helping in some areas but unfortunately I had to stop it because it caused me to have huge breakouts of acne on my back and neck. Hopefully those will go away now that I’m not taking it.

I also accidentally ran across this device called Touch Points which help with stress. These are absolutely AMAZING and I highly recommend them. They even help with my headaches which is HUGE for me.

I’m also taking cayenne pepper, magnesium drinks, green coffee bean extract and vitex. I try to drink a greens drink with desiccated liver every day too which helps build my iron. I added awshwaganda to my daily drinks as its a major de-stress herb. All in all I’m feeling SO much better!

I’m sleeping, no stomach pain and minimal anxiety. 🙌 Yay!

What’s this got to do with you?

I know you probably read this and thought yeah but she doesn’t have all the commitments that I do. I just can’t change my life. If this is you I would strongly encourage you to think about what this does to your health and the well-being of your family. I got to the point that it was difficult to even function with my children. I was so stressed out that my attitude was terrible, I was constantly exhausted and overwhelmed. It was HORRIBLE!

I really believe after much research that stress just finally overwhelmed my body and demanded I change some things. I think we live in such an over stimulated world that we are in a state of constant stress. It affects our mood, our weight and even our sleep and relationships.

What can you do to change?

We as a culture take pride in overcommitting but unfortunately its absolutely detrimental to our health. Its a common belief that we have to be on the run ALL the time! But guess what? Its a lie! You DON’T have to say yes to EVERYTHING, even good stuff. Yeah I know that goes completely counter culture.

You CAN say NO to events, projects and even money making opportunities (I seriously struggle with this one). Its also perfectly ok to relax in your homeschooling program! Who knows, your kids are most likely feeling the stress too and could use some major downtime.

Contrary to what you probably believe, you are NOT the exception! Hard to swallow isn’t it? You can really only handle so much before your health and mood start to suffer BIG TIME! Don’t let that be you. Take steps now.

  1. Research your nutritional needs.
  2. Add healthy foods, supplements, herbs, exercises as desired.
  3. Cut out projects, deadlines, responsibilities ECT…
  4. Get more intentional rest!
  5. Do things you enjoy.
  6. Just say NO!

I hope you start before you end up with a health crisis that forces you to stop. Your body is speaking to you through your moods, sleep quality and health. Listen! Praying you’re on your way to a less stressful life!

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