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Dear Mama, are you tired? Are you a worried, stressed out mom and so discouraged? Is this road you’re traveling on not looking at all what you thought it would? Take heart and keep reading! You aren’t alone. Here’s help for the stressed out mama!

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Being tired is a sign.

Are you completely and utterly exhausted with life and especially homeschooling right now? Oh sweet mama, I hear ya! I have been there before and unfortunately I may go there again but I am learning how to prevent and treat the dreaded disease of homeschool burn out.

What is homeschool burnout?

To me this is when you pile so many expectations on yourself that you can’t possibly live in peace or rest. Its when you frustrate yourself and your children and make homeschooling miserable for everyone involved.

I completely understand this state because I’ve been there, trying to teach a child to learn to read who just wasn’t ready to learn that yet. Or struggling to help my son write well. Oh my goodness that was awful, until I literally found a magic bullet and his writing just took off and is rapidly improving all the time. But let me tell you it was a major headache getting it figured out!

Your children’s education is so much more than a list of need to learns and checkmarks. It is more than graded papers and a perfect score! Its about learning while living life together. This concept is so simple yet just completely blows me away that its not embraced more.

Homeschooling versus Lifeschooling…is there a difference?

Well the short answer is “yes and no”. Wasn’t that helpful? Hehe! Truly homeschooling SHOULD be about Lifeschooling but many times homeschoolers are in just as much bondage to a “system” as children who attend public or private schools. The location is simply different.

Lifeschooling is really all about learning WHILE you’re living life not inspite of life. A perfect example of this would be my 9 year old. He has an opportunity to practice his reading while at the same time learning patience with his siblings (who dearly love to pester him as he reads). This quite frankly annoys him and I do try to minimize distractions for him but its just not always possible. However one day he may he super thankful for that. It may be a huge strength when he’s older to be able to work under pressure, noise and somewhat irritating circumstances.

Taking a different look at our educational focus requires a mindset change.

I’m currently going through a Vision Planner from Lifeschooling Conference. I absolutely LOVE how it starts out with encouraging you to sit down and cleanse your mind of a strict parameter of what education is supposed to look like. Who wrote those scope and sequences? Last time I checked they didn’t come from the Bible so they are NOT infallible nor necessary. Yikes did I just say that?

Anyway this vision planner is so cool! Right now I’m in the process of filling out what describes my children, their strengths and weaknesses and how those might benefit or harm their education, life, career ECT…

One part really stuck out in my mind. It is THEIR life not mine, so I have to educate them according to their natural God-given abilities and likes and dislikes.

I asked my son a pretty deep question and asked him to think on it and pray about it. It was “what are we doing now in your learning that you think we should not be?” He said I don’t know, can I think about it for 3 days?😂😂

I honestly expected him to say practice reading or math. But he didn’t! You see our children ARE capable of deep thought and introspection (now that doesn’t mean they always show that). I love what Danielle says in the planner…”that you take their thoughts and wishes into consideration. It doesn’t mean you have to obey your children.”

Would you like a more cohesive homeschool experience & a less stressed out mom?

If you long for homeschooling that doesn’t begin with or end with the clock, worksheets or checklists I strongly urge you to consider the holistic view of Lifeschooling!  If you read my blog at all you know I love the philosophy of Ainsley Arment called Wild+Free and Lifeschooling goes right along with that!  In fact they are like the best of friends!

Read my article on “Cultivating Wildness” & “Into the Wild-A Life of Adventure” for practical tips!

You CAN educate your kids with this rich, wholesome food of living books, fresh air, creative play, and experience! And you can educate them WELL.

There are so many people who read about this type of homeschooling and say, those kids don’t learn anything. Their parents don’t educate them. I’m here to tell you its quite the contrary, but just because you go against societal norms does not mean you’re wrong. Quite the contrary!

YOU are the expert on your children.

In our culture today we are told that we need an “expert” or a “professional” for EVERYTHING! And while there is certainly a place for some experts (I’m thinking brain surgery now people) the truth is anyone can learn almost anything. You don’t have to be trained by the “professionals” to be an expert. You can train yourself and your children. God gave them to you, not to the government, therefore he equips you, not the government to do so.

Have confidence in your abilities. Not because you’re so amazing (though you are) but because of our amazing God! Give yourself permission to actually enjoy homeschooling and learning while living life together!

Interested in learning more about Lifeschooling? Want to trade in your stressed out mom life for a more peaceful one? Check out this incredible resource I’m currently using to breathe more freedom into our lives Lifeschooling Kit”! It includes the Vision Planner, Lifeschooling videos, an e-book & more! I’m loving this & I think you will too!

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