Journey Through the Code, Journal Entry #7

Jenny/ January 21, 2020/ Homeschool Reviews

So if you’ve been following our Journey Through the Code you know that we are doing a homeschool curriculum designed to teach my 9 year old son to develop and run his own business. Basically its teaching him from the getgo to be an entrepreneur! How completely awesome is that?

What we’re working on in this lesson of Kingdom Code Kids…

This lesson was all about selling and learning to sell well. We had alot of fun with this one! If you a part of a group doing this you had the opportunity to present your business to them. Of course we didn’t, so we did something a little different.

My son set up an area in the house with a small table covered with a cloth and items to sell on it. I was his customer walking by at a vendor event.

He had a great time learning how to properly interact with customers. I showed him how to describe his products, greet the customers, talk with his customers and make the sale. Honestly he was a natural!

Why we’re doing this…

One of my very favorite things to do is continue learning. I never learned how to do any of this stuff when I was younger. In fact I pretty much had to teach myself how to sell without being pushy. This is FANTASTIC to learn when you are young!

I truly want all my children to be entrepreneurs! It is the way to go in your life. When you are the boss you have so much more control on the direction of your life! And the awesome thing about this program is its all from a Godly perspective! Woohoo!! Win!

Read my other posts in this series, Entry #1, Entry #2, Entry #3, Entry #4, and Entry #5. I highly encourage you to check this program out for your kids! You won’t be sorry🎇

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