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A day with Dad

So, earlier this year I stumbled upon a philosophy called Wild+Free. I hadn’t really heard about this before and it intrigued me, but as a busy homeschool mom of 4 I didn’t have that much time to research it and it kinda slipped my mind. However, later on I heard about a new book called “The Call of the Wild+Free” by Ainsley Arment and I read an excerpt and was hooked! I contacted them and asked if I could possibly review it on my blog? Pretty please?? I was super excited when they said, YES!

What is Wild+Free?

In a nutshell, Wild+Free is a homeschooling movement that is all about”reclaiming the wonder in your child’s education”. It’s about regaining the freedom, the trust in your wisdom as a momma and confidence! Confidence that you CAN do this! You are the expert on your children and you ARE qualified!

What benefits did I gain from this book?

Some might say that this is simply a Charlotte Mason style of learning revisited and truth to be told, they have many similarities. But when I started reading this book, I couldn’t put it down! It breathed fresh life into my homeschool and reassured me that time spent outdoors in nature is never wasted and that “nature is the curriculum”.

I couldn’t believe the absolute freedom I began to feel as I turned off screens and spent more time outdoors with my children! Their creativity began to blossom more and I watched as they began to seek the outdoors even more🍁

I LOVE the focus on a child’s individuality and how to nurture that. As a mom of a boy that has struggled with reading I see now that forcing a flower does not make it bloom instead it destroys it.

Fire anyone?

Like for example, today. Guess where my boys are? Inside, glued to their books? Nope! They are outside exploring geology first-hand! Which do you think they’ll remember longer? Reading a full, boring textbook about geological formations or truly experiencing them?

Gabe’s cave!

I believe this book is truly a freeing book! A book that cuts the entanglement of what others expect you to view as education! Freedom to thrive to be the parents you were meant to be and to teach your children in a way they were meant to learn! Wild+Free!

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Disclaimer: I received this book for my fair and honest review! I wasn’t compensated any other way! I am an Amazon affiliate and use affiliate links of products I love and use!

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