Online Times Alive for Multiplication Memorization

Jenny/ October 11, 2021/ Homeschool Reviews

Jake has been working on memorizing multiplication so we requested to review OnlineTimes Alive from City Creek Press again! This is a super neat online program that uses songs, video, pictures and catchy lines to help you memorize your multiplication facts. And let me tell you, it WORKS! You can use it on your computer OR get the app! Disclaimer:

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Reading Eggs Learning Program

Jenny/ September 27, 2021/ Homeschool Reviews

You’ve probably heard of the Reading Eggs learning program and perhaps you’ve even read past reviews from me. But if not, here’s a quick rundown of this super cool online learning program! Disclaimer: I received this product free for my fair and honest review. I was not required to give a positive review or compensated in any other way! First

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Fables, Myths & Fairy Tales

Jenny/ August 29, 2021/ Homeschool Reviews

So, we’ve already started another school year around here and while there is always a learning curve, so far its going well! We’re doing a few things the same here and a few things differently. For example, while we’re staying with IEW (because I’m just crazy about them!) we are using one of their focused writing curriculums. I let my

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August 2021 Update

Jenny/ August 9, 2021/ Uncategorised

Wow! I swear time travels faster each year 🙁 I can’t believe August is already here! We’ve been super busy this summer with a very large garden (45 tomato plants, 12 peppers, potatoes, corn, squash, cucumbers, cabbage, herbs and now fall beans and cabbage. The kids started back to school the first full week of July so that’s been interesting

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Britfield & The Rise Of The Lion

Jenny/ July 5, 2021/ Homeschool Reviews

I absolutely LOVE a good book and a couple years ago we reviewed Britfield and my son was crazy about it. He’d been anxiously awaiting the next installment in this 7 book series and here it is: Britfield & The Rise Of The Lion! This is a HUGE 470 page adventure book and is a sequel to “Britfield & The

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AwesomeSciTV & Science for Your Homeschool

Jenny/ June 14, 2021/ Homeschool Reviews

Disclaimer: I use affiliate links of products I love and personally use! I really really like letting my kids watch super cool science movies to help them learn in our homeschool because let’s face it, videos are an awesome learning tool. But unfortunately good Christian based ones that are exciting and well made can sometimes be hard to come by.

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Summer Update

Jenny/ June 12, 2021/ Family Life, Homeschool Reviews

I hope everyone is doing better this year. Our life is good and busy😁 one thing we’ve really been focusing on is our gardens. Here are a few pictures of those. I’m super excited to see how well they do with intensive management. We’ve been getting absolutely buckets of rain and I’m personally hoping for a little drier weather but

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Curriculum Choices for 2021-2022 School Year

Jenny/ May 17, 2021/ Homeschool Reviews

Well for some people the school year hasn’t ended yet but for some of us the new year is going to begin pretty soon. We usually start July 1st so we get out the first part of March. This year my 3 older kids will all be taking part in our more formal school. Lilly (4) will be doing a

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Homeschool Math (the easy way)

Jenny/ April 25, 2021/ Homeschool Reviews

I don’t know about you but life can get a bit overwhelming and when you try to do too much it can be hugely overwhelming! That’s why this late winter/early spring we switched back to CTCMath. Having 3 kids who are doing math was getting to be too much with the parent intensive program I was using. (It was a

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Classical Homeschool Science! The Book of 🐦 Birds

Jenny/ April 1, 2021/ Homeschool Reviews

Our official homeschool year is out! Yay! While I absolutely love homeschooling I also love the even greater and flexibility that our off time brings. However, don’t stop learning in this time. In fact we tend to focus more on Science, History and outdoor pursuits like gardening. On thing we’re doing this spring is an awesome study on The Book

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