G. A. Henty’s Audio Adventures “In the Reign of Terror”

Jenny/ December 19, 2021/ Homeschool Reviews

Just like all the G. A. Henry’s Audio Adventures In the Reign of Terror is fantastic! It’s a 2 1/2 hour 2 CD set that’s guaranteed to hold you and your children’s attention from the beginning to the end!

This CD set follows 16 year old Harry as he travels to France to live with a noble family there. Unfortunately he’s about to be put right into the middle of a terrible time in history: the French Revolution.

I have to be completely honest and say I knew absolutely NOTHING about the French Revolution before this audio adventure. In fact coming from America I often have sympathy with many countries who have revolutions. However as we learned in this set the French Revolution and the American Revolution had very little in common. In fact they were rather polar opposites. While the American Revolution sought to uphold justice and tried to preserve peace the French Revolution basically became a bloodbath as revolutionaries who only had their own interests at heart waged their fierce anger on any and all nobles.

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I love how these audio adventures really put you in the events that happened. They are so much more than reading a dry history textbook! You begin to understand why certain things happened, what could have been done to prevent them and what we can truly learn from them.

In the Reign of Terror is amazing (like all the ones from Heirloom Audio) and the actors do an incredible job of making you feel like you’re right in the action. But these definitely are not just entertainment you learn so much and it really sinks in and you remember it! My sons and husband and I have learned so much real history from these!

I really recommend these for any family but if you have a kid who loves history and is an auditory learner these are like a gold mine! They are fantastic for car trips, naptime calming, and rainy days! I can guarantee you will not be disappointed in the quality and storytelling ability of these! Let me know if you try them what you like most about them!

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