“Discover Your Gifts” Lesson #17

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“I am guided by God all the days of my life”. Do you believe that? Its true but only if we follow God’s leading and his principles! What are principles? Rules and beliefs which guide your thoughts, words, and actions! Join us now for Lesson #17, Discover Your Gifts🎇from The Kingdom Code.

This lesson was all about finding the talents and gifts God has blessed you with. It was also about realizing that every action has a consequence. I’m afraid this is a lesson many adults need to learn!

Jake has been learning all about that as he finds if he does a job to the best of his ability then he receives a good wage but if he doesn’t he receives a decreased amount or has to redo it😕 He is learning to work more cheerfully and I have been hearing less complaining even about jobs he isn’t crazy about. And he’s been volunteering for extra jobs to help me! I preserved 40 pounds of strawberries this week and he was a big help with watching his baby sister so I could do the hot and sometimes sticky work of making jams, syrups ECT…

He’s also been a big help as we go for nature hikes. He takes initiative by disassembling the stroller and loading it and then he offers to push our Daisy! That’s a huge help to a momma!

We are going to be doing some experiments to see if he can find his areas of talents and gifts. I think one thing he has already is a gift of leadership. He just needs to be careful to use it wisely and not become bossy or lead in the wrong things!

Jake is going to write a letterto himself telling where he wants to be in 10 years from now and we’ll put it away and get it out then! That will be super neat I think.

And that’s all for this lesson! Join us later for lesson #18!

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