Looking Back, Lesson #20

Jenny/ June 7, 2020/ Homeschool Reviews

Goodness, its hard to believe there are just a few more lessons in our Journey Through the Code from The Kingdom Code! But here we are at Lesson 20 and 27 is the end! We should finish by the end of June. Anyway, lesson 20 is about looking back and doing some recap. So here goes!

Our favorite proclamation was from lesson 17I am guided by God all the days of my life.”

We learned about Daniel from the Bible and the problem he encountered (being told they must eat the meat and wine from the Kings table) and the solution he came up with (a 10 day test). So our problem solving plan according to the Bible is

1. Spot a problem.

2. Collect and analyze data.

3. Plan a strategy.

4. Find a solution.

5. Explain the solution.

6. Decide if it worked.

New vocabulary word:

Persuasive~being able to convince people to do or believe something.

We actually used this method this week for Jake’s writing and spelling. He has some problems with that so we identified the problem and looked at all our options. Then we came up with a plan and discussed it together. After receiving our new learning materials we previewed them and they look like they will be a huge blessing and help!

Jake is still working on being available to work willingly and cheerfully. He is a good, hard worker but like all of us can be sidetracked when there are more fun events going on. He is still very determined to attend pilot school so we have been having many discussions on how this will require him to learn many things before he can attend. At this age its entirely possible he may change his mind, however he may not AND its a wonderful motivator!

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