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Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor compensated in any other way.

I was able to review Page a Day Math and their Pre-K Math Starter Kit This is a 10 book program that provides a great start for younger kids. I used it with my 3 and 6 year olds. I also received some of the digital sets and used the Addition Starter Kit with my 9 year old (mostly for review and handwriting practice).

Why use Pre-K Math?

These are programs that combines math fluency with handwriting practice in numbers. My 2 younger kids loved it and actually ask to do their “work”. It is setup to only have a certain amount of problems a day (14 in this case) and contains 140 days of practice. It helps keep them from getting overwhelmed. I was surprised at how well they all liked it. There are cute illustrations throughout, funny jokes and stars to color in as you complete each day’s work.

Each book builds on the previous book’s work and takes you through writing numbers 0-99. Each book has a certificate at the end. The first book adds 1 to numbers 0-10. The second book adds 2 to each number and so on. In this level they aren’t expected to know the answers, only to trace the problems. It also gives them bones to use for counting at varipus points throughout the books. Lilly was mostly tracing the numbers however Gabe liked to actually count and he recognized the majority of them without help. It was beneficial to all 3 of them. Jake enjoyed his because it was review that wasn’t stressful (he did do the math problems) but it helped improve his number handwriting.

Page a Day Math has a large variety of products available and I’m going to be using the multiplication and division ones with Jake this year. I will be continuing to use the lower levels with Gabe and Lilly.

I subscribe to the no stress learning of math because if a child isn’t mentally ready to learn its really a waste of time. However if you can provide them with something fun that teaches them without their even realizing it it’s a win-win situation! That’s what I really like about these books!

Each day is labelled so its easy to keep up with where you should be or easy to work ahead. Its recommended that you don’t spend a long time on each page so it doesn’t become boring or stressful to your child. One cool thing about it is there are both digital and printed copies available. Of course the printed copies are higher but super convenient (that’s what I used for Pre-K Math. However the handy thing about digital is they are generally cheaper and you can use them with multiple children making it more cost effective (especially if you have a good printer). I love both honestly!

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  1. I also like how it doesn’t seem like “math” because your child is just tracing and copying, and all the time learning their math facts!

    1. Exactly! Even my boys loved it!

  2. Thanks for your review, Jenny! We appreciate your time and effort.

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