What Happens When You Expect Too Much of Yourself

Jenny/ May 26, 2020/ Uncategorised

So I’m writing this at 6 am this morning. I’ve been making some hard decisions lately and as usual I’m running behind on posts for my blog…sigh…but all that is going to change! Why? Because I’m giving up. Well not exactly giving up, but I am giving up this crazy pace I’ve been setting for myself. I’ve listened to wayyy too many motivational speakers in the past 6 months and quite frankly I’m done with it all. I’m done stressing over Google analytics. I’m done counting my words so I know if my article is long enough. I’m done making sure I’ve pinned enough pins on Pinterest and I’m done doing so many reviews that I lay awake stressing if I forgot one. I’m simply done!

I started my blog with the intention of doimg it for enjoyment then the crazies took over. I started reading about monetization and optimization of your blog posts and poof all the fun left. Well I say Booo! I’m tired of feelijg like I have to accomplish so dang much! I want to feel free to bake bread, wirk in my garden and get in a blog post whenever I want about whatever I want. I want it to be good because its from my heart and not 1150 words with enough keywords in it to rank.

So here’s my new plan. I may or may not post every week. I’ll try because I do enjoy writing but they may not be crazy long posts. You’ve all heard that expression I’ve got too much on my plate? Well I’m shoving it off instead of trying to force myself to eat it. Are you in the same boat? Are you finding that fun hobby you started has taken over your life? Or maybe its a side hustle that’s hustling your butt off? Whatever the case may be, if you’re stressed to the max its past time to step back and evaluate your life and choices.

I personally just figured out something lately. Just because a lot of homeschool moms work from home on a blog doesn’t mean I have to. I also realized I don’t have to earn thousands a month to be successful. I don’t have to run 2 direct sales side businesses to be reaching my full potential. I don’t have to be an affiliate for every program under the sun and I don’t have to promote every product I like with an affiliate link. I’m telling y’all that is EXHAUSTING!

I just want to be a wife, mom and homeschooler who blogs in her spare time, reads lots of books and raises and preserves a HUGE garden. If that makes my blog go somewhere, so be it. If not, who cares?

So I encourage you to do the same thing and let go of what doesn’t matter! Figure out what you really love and give up the rest!

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