The Kingdom Code Journal Entry #3

Jenny/ September 19, 2019/ Homeschool Reviews


So, we are continuing our Journey Through the Code this week with The Kingdom Code business building program for kids!


(I just want to make a note here for you all who love multi-tasking, this program is fabulous for that!)


Our proclamation for this week was “The Lord has plans for me to succeed.  His plans are to give me hope and a future.”  Do you realize how true this is?  Regardless of who we are and where we are born, God has an amazing plan for our life!  This doesn’t mean he plans for you to be extremely wealthy (though he might) but it does mean if we follow his plans we will be blessed with his peace and joy!


We learned about Charles Goodnight who was a true entrepreneur. He started a cattle drive to supply beef to those who needed it. Through his business we learned about supply & demand and The Law of Supply & Demand.  What is that?  “The price of a product can change when the supply or demand for it changes.”



We also learned about choice & opportunity and how we have to be careful to take wise risks in our businesses.  We then chose a mentor (Jake chose his Daddy!).  


Then we discussed history and how Mr. Goodnight literally changed history with his cattle drive & transportation was forever changed too!


We turned in our Treasure Builder Permit & our Business Notice! 


New Vocabulary:







So, one really neat thing about this program like I mentioned before is the ability to combine so many subjects at once!  In this lesson you can add in a deeper study of American History and the cattle drive era, along with railroad and Westward expansion.  Then you can also use the “On Your Own” section and practice your math with counting money and giving people change!


Remember Kids!  God may have plans for your life that will change the future!  And don’t forget to use coupon code 10TKC21 to get 10%!!




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