Journey Through the Code, Journal Entry #4

Jenny/ October 12, 2019/ Homeschool Reviews


So, we are currently continuing our Journey Through the Code with Kingdom Code Kids!  This is journal entry #4. This week we learned about scoping out your potential business and becoming a wise planner!


What’s in a plan?


  • First off, you do need to sit down and make out a plan!  When you fail to plan, you truly to plan to fail, as the saying goes!

  • Take a survey!  Get a good idea what your potential customers need and want, what they are willing to pay, ECT…

  • Then you need to figure out how long it takes you to do the jobs from start to finish, including setting up and cleaning up!

  • You need to know how much time you’ve got available to work each week too!


Why do some businesses succeed & others don’t?


  • Customer service.  Never promise your customers what you can’t follow through with!

  • Quality of work.

  • Competitive pricing!

  • Needed service or goods.


What we’re currently working on:


We are currently continuing Jake’s business plan and goals. He will be completing a logo and advertising. Right now, he is stacking wood, cleaning siding and washing windows!


Again, we are loving the ability to combine so many subjects into one unit. This is life learning at its best!


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Remember to enter code 10TKC21 to get 10% off! And check back next week as we continue our journey!




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