The Kingdom Code Journal Entry #2

Jenny/ September 4, 2019/ Homeschool Reviews




So, this is our 2nd lesson from The Kingdom Code!  We have been learning all kinds of things this week.  Here’s what this lesson is all about:


First off, our proclamation was about choosing to work!  Do you realize it’s a choice and a blessing to be able to choose this?


Then we learned about an entrepreneur John Deere who changed history through his inventions. One thing I really like about this program is it expands their vocabulary while they are learning about building their own business!  It has the definition of any new words and the proper pronounciation. 


Our Clue was that treasure builders “make money by selling inventions, services and goods.”


We also read verses from the Bible that encouraged us to seek wisdom from God and wise people. 


Next, we studied more new words and what they mean for our business. They were economy, capitalism, compete, opportunity and free enterprise.  We learned how these could impact how we run a business such as the right to charge what we want, advertise how we want and make as much money as we can.


Do you know what a mentor is?  It’s a trusted person who gives advice or teaches others and we got our first letter from our mentor Aunt Jimmi who gives us advice from her own personal experience as a small business owner with her husband, Johnny.




So, this week is a big one!  My son is going to pick a service business that he can start!  This is a bit difficult where we live, because it is so rural. Right now he is going to do an odd-jobs business which currently will be helping to split and stack our winter’s wood. After that he will help to winterize several older folks homes and remove leaves from lawns!


I hope you’ll join us next week as we go onto our next lesson in our Journey Through the Code!  Oh and don’t forget to use coupon 10TKC21 to get 10% off!




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