Lesson #27 And That’s All Folks!

Jenny/ June 29, 2020/ Homeschool Reviews

So this is our very last lesson in The Kingdom Code Journey Through the Code series! Wowzers!! This lesson is all about looking back on your kingdom builder and assessing where you are at, what you did right, what you did wrong and what you would/will change. I thought it would be fun to do some short videos of the different work projects Jake has been doing for his business. Y’all will laugh but I just figured out how to post videos on my blog…Yes I’m a bit slow…

A little recap of Jake’s treasure builder. Since we live so rural and he is young (8-9 through this program) we chose an odd jobs business. He’s also been working mostly from home. He has went to grandparents and worked also. Some of the jobs he’s done are: uard clean-up, wood splitting and stacking, laundry, babysitting, brush cutting and gardening. Overall he has learned a lot and increased in maturity and responsibility.

This is NOT his favorite set of jobs to do, however they are needed and necessary jobs. As he gets older it will be much easier for him to branch out and pick jobs he really enjoys. So now I’m going to post some short videos with him in his different areas of work:

This is a fantastic program to do with your kids! Not only will it teach them to build and maintain a business God’s Way but they’ll learn Bible, history, math and more! Its a well rounded, fun, intensive program🎇

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