Communication~Lesson #26

Jenny/ June 28, 2020/ Homeschool Reviews

Is this CRAZY or what? This is our next to last lesson in The Kingdom Code. So read on to find out our next step in this lesson #26, What Did You Say?

This lesson is all about becoming a good communicator in life and business. Honestly my son is a natural at this! He loves tp talk with anyone and does a great job. My husband took him to a vendor event where my husband was selling turkey calls. Jake helped talk to the customers and did a great job!

His one issue sometimes is listening carefully to details. We are actively working on this! One way I am doing this is teaching him how to carefully pick produce from the garden without damaging any other stuff.

He also is working on NOT speaking badly of anyone. To tell the truth in our current world this is difficult for me too!

He is a courteous boy amd lately has been going to his grandpas house to help him with work. His grandpa has repeatedly bragged on how well behaved and helpful he is. This attitude makes me ☺ happy!

We are almost done with this study and my last post will be a recap and a look back on what he might have done differently.

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Join us tomorrow for our last lesson!

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