Are You Free to Make a Choice?

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Well here it is almost the very end of June and we are on Lesson #24 in The Kingdom Code Journey Through the Code series! Just a short recap in case this is your first post to read…

Back last year we were chosen to journal our trip through this super cool entrepreneur program made specifically for kids from a Christian perspective! This is an absolutely fantastic program and is very thorough and in-depth. The goal is for your child to learn town to start, build and run a business God’s Way. We are almost finished with this series but what my son has learned will help him the rest of his life!

So now on to Lesson #24, Are You Free to Make a Choice? Ooooh! This one is so incredibly timely! In our world today it seems like the buzz is all about what is owed to someone. Hey, guess what? I actually don’t owe you anything but to love you! And vice versa. The government does NOT owe me a comfortable check. I am NOT entitled to have all my wants! This thinking goes so counterculture, especially now. But this was not always the case. A little history…

During the Great Depression life was completely different from now. There were no government bailout programs, no welfare and no safety net. If you succeeded it was because of your work ethic. In my small community my parents used to tell the story of their neighbors whose store burnt down. Of course there was no insurance in the 30’s in rural Missouri. They literally removed all the nails from their burnt building to build their new building, by hand of course. That is determination to succeed. They went on to become successful business owners but where always frugal the rest of their lives.

Do you have an entitlement attitude? Do you think someone or something owes you a comfortable living? This is not Biblical or a part of a free society. If you succeed it is because of God’s blessing, hard work and perseverance. There is no way to get around that for long!

This one can be somewhat difficult for my son to understand. I think its probably in our nature to feel like we deserve something just for being our awesome self, hehe. But while of course we are responsible for providing our children’s needs we aren’t responsible for providing their wants. Yes that can be a bit hard for my son to swallow but its completely true!

So that’s one area we are focusing on, teaching him that if he succeeds it will take hard work and determination, NOT being given everything he desires for FREE.

Come back in a few days for our next lesson!

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