Taking Charge of Your Life

Jenny/ June 21, 2020/ Homeschool Reviews

Its time for Lesson #23 in our Journey Through the Code from The Kingdom Code! And this one was so timely! Its all about taking charge of your own life😬 Lets get started!

Do you want to be dependent or independent? I don’t know about you but I want to be dependent on God but independent in my daily life as far as finances, ECT…goes. So how do you become independent? Take charge of your own life!

Aunt Jemmi told a somewhat funny story about her father telling her Needmore was always knocking on her front door and she needed to do whatever she could to make him go away. She thought it was an actual person😝 Only later did she fully understand what her father had meant!

We have many choices in life to either depend on ourselves or others to provide for our needs and wants. We can choose to depend on credit cards, others or the government or we can decide to provide for our own selves and work hard to accomplish our goals!

There was a fun activity where we pretended like we were on a deserted island and what things we might have, need and want. It also brought out what we could use to be resourceful and make the things we needed/wanted.

Jake actually had a chance to do this recently. We ran out of bunny food but it was going to be a couple days until we could get to a store. Bunnies thrive on fresh grass clippings and branch trimmings so my son is gathering those each day, along with any salad scraps from the fridge. Bunnies love lettuce and cabbage! It keeps any scraps from being wasted and prevents a trip to town just for one item!

Don’t forget to check back for our next updates in this series. We will be going through his bedroom and determining what wants he has that he no longer wants this week!

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