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Jenny/ June 26, 2020/ Homeschool Reviews

Oh my goodness we are on Lesson #25 in The Kingdom Code Journey Through the Code! This lesson is all about watching your pennies! So how do we do that? Let’s get started!

First off this is an area that probably everyone struggles with at some point in our lives. But like our lesson says “If you buy everything you want, you will quickly run out of money.” And this is unfortunately true! Darn lol. It would be fun if we could buy anything and everything we wanted but thats just NOT reality. Of course it probably wouldn’t be good for us eitheršŸ˜¬ I will have to say that my wants have greatly decreased over the years. Now I sometimes have a difficult time making a wish list around Christmas lol.

Of course my son does NOT have this issue yet so this lesson is extremely timely for him. He has a generous and loving heart but many times cannot understand WHY we can’t buy something. For example yesterday we were discussing a local home/farm that had sold. He had loved this place and wondered why we didn’t buy it. Since the price was over a million dollars I explained the impossibility of our ever affording something that expensive. It was disappointing to him to realize that was well out of our price range.

In our family we too try to make do as Aunt Jimmi talks about in her letter. We regularly repair things, make something from materials we have on hand or use a substitute. We try to be as thrifty as possible. Jake has a good example in his dad who is constantly coming up with creative solutions for problems.

In our home we also buy used items if possible, such as children’s clothing. We also pass the clothes down to multiple children. Another thing we do to help be thrifty is hunt and grow some of our own food.

This has immensely helped our family in our goal to remain debt free.

Check back next week for our final 2 lessons!

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