The Pied Piper of Marketing Lesson #21

Jenny/ June 12, 2020/ Uncategorised

So this week’s lesson in The Kingdom Code was on marketing and advertising and how they play on your emotions (which is emotional appeal). We learned how to choose wisely by having discernment.

We learned all about how commercials try to convince us to buy things that we want because they create an emotional reaction in us. For example some commercials or advertising makes us feel hungry, happy, powerful ECT… We had this happen to us recently. We don’t have network t.v. so my kids don’t watch commercials. The other day my mom got cable t.v. and they saw their first infomercial. It was hilarious in a way. By the time it finished we were all convinced we needed this indestructible flashlight.

HOW do we get discernment?

Can you pick up discernment anywhere? Actually NO! You must go to God’s Word, seek wise counsel, way out your options and wait!

We have had this discussion many times when my sons see a toy they think they must have right now! Of course adults are definitely NOT immune to this, myself included!

God doesn’t want us to make poor financial choices and advertising can make us bite the bait and go into debt if we are not very careful. This could be detrimental to our financial future.

Jake is still working on this as he loves to but toys. We are helping to temper this because we are making him wait to purchase things even that he has the money for!

Join us in a couple of days for a new lesson!

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