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Jenny/ June 8, 2020/ Homeschool Reviews

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor compensated in any other way.

We were able to review Math Shed and Spelling Shed this Spring. This is a completely online digital learning program meant to increase your child’s fluency in math and spelling. We were able to access it on my phone browser or the desktop equally well. It is internet dependent so if you’re like us and have spotty rural internet then that can be an issue.

How does digital learning work?

First off, the program is easy to access and setup. Jake played on my account since he was the only one able to do these. However he does NOT like speed drills and that’s what these consist of. And I will be honest in my opinion the EASY levels were still not super easy. But if your child loves to beat the clock then they may love these!

The Spelling Shed has several different levels of difficulty from easy to extreme and multiple options for spelling lists. The easiest level puts the word on the screen then takes it away and you have to use the provided letter tiles to spell the word. It depends on how fast you spell the word how many points you get. My kids aren’t really motivated by the point thing but many kids are.

The Math Shed has a broader range of games available. There is number bonds, times table, power of 10, add and subtract and more! The number bonds allow you to choose which number should complete the problem such as 3+?=10 or 10=4+? It took Jake a little bit to understand those but he got the hang of it. Again he did not like that he had to do it so rapidly because he needs to think out his answers. However these would be great for memorization especially if your children take tests.

My personal favorite was the powers of 10. Boy that gave my mind a mental workout! In fact I think tjis could be beneficial to older adults who are having memory issues. This is jot a claimed benefit from the company but I can see the possibilities here!

Again with each level you successfully complete you are rewarded with points. There is also a feature to sync your students and their school (if they attend a school that utilizes this) so you can easily keep track of their work and progress.

I’m going to be absolutely blunt here and say this digital learning program really isn’t what our family needs, however it could be good for a number of different families such as public or privately schooled children, children who need to take speed tests, children who enjoy taking speed challenges, and children who enjoy getting points as rewards! Its also easy for the parents to be minimally involved in this program and it has no ads (which is a huge plus). It is NOT an app but requires your browser and a faster internet connection.

Check out what our other reviewers think at the link below because with such a diverse group I’m betting a lot of people loved it!

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