thrifty ways to homeschool

5 Thrifty Ways to Homeschool

Oh homeschooling is just outta my price range! Look at all the expensive curriculum I have to buy. And all the supplies! Yikes! Don’t stress Mama, here are 5 Thrifty Ways to Homeschool!

Thrifty Way to Homeschool #1

Follow a homeschooling style that doesn’t require expensive supplies or curriculum! This one is HUGE! You aren’t a public school and you don’t have to behave like one. This definitely includes not asking to go to the bathroom and not having to use a $1000 boxed curriculum! You are FREE! Free to choose what works great in your family’s budget. The way we currently homeschool uses tons of living books and we buy most of them from thrift books for $2-4 each.

Thrifty Way to Homeschool #2

Buy Used or take advantage of major yearly sales or homeschool discounts. I do this with so many things but homeschool books are a great thing to buy used. Hundreds or thousands of families buy new books every year and decide they don’t like them (or just use them with 1 child). This is the PERFECT opportunity for you to score fantastic deals on gently used curriculum. I did this when we first started and I thought I needed an all inclusive curriculum. I paid about 1/4 of the new price! Many companies have fantastic deals just for homeschoolers. We use CTCMath and they offer half off for homeschoolers. It’s an awesome bargain! Don’t forget Black Friday, Cyber Monday and other major sales events! Plan your buying around these dates and save a bundle!

Thrifty Way #3

Reuse. This one can kinda go along with #2 but if you have multiple children reuse your homeschool supplies, books, curriculum ECT whenever possible . Don’t forget to repurpose things you have around the house for homeschool tools. No need to buy expensive math manipulatives. Use beans, blocks or even rocks to do math with.

Thrifty Way to Homeschool #4

Get it Free! Is this possible? Oh definitely! From complete online curriculum like Easy Peasy to libraries and YouTube videos homeschooling for free is not only possible but very doable. This kinda goes along with #1 but if you choose a more relaxed method of homeschooling such as Charlotte Mason or Wild+Free you have the ability to greatly reduced or eliminate most costs associated with homeschooling!

Thrifty Way #5

Multitasking curriculum! Make one curriculum work for multiple ages and kids at the same time! We don’t follow any state or government structured learning schedule here (we aren’t required to either) so my 6 year old is learning US history ad World history right along with his 9 year old brother! Do they both learn at the same place or capacity? NOPE! Are they both learning? Yes! You can also use 1 curriculum to cover multiple areas of learning. For example, we use Pathway to Liberty for our history. But we also use it for reading and copy-work.

So, you see Mama it’s not only possible it’s so incredibly doable to live a frugal lifestyle while homeschooling! I even think they go hand in hand! Read my article 5 Thrifty Reasons to Homeschool!


Jenny is a homeschooling mom of 4 and wife to a wonderful husband. She enjoys reading, a good cup of coffee, and spending time outdoors with her family. You can find her writing about Jesus, homeschooling, and life on her blog Our Inconvenient Family, and contributing regularly at Lifeschooling Conference.


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