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Ok, right off the bat, if you’re completely awesome with math and have no need of a private tutor for your child then maybe this isn’t for you.  Or if you don’t like an all-inclusive math program that you can easily adjust to fit your child’s need then maybe you don’t want to look any further.  Butttttt….If you’re anything like me and sometimes have a difficult time explaining math concepts in a way that your children understand easily then I really encourage you to read my review of CTCMath and their Family Membership which lasts 12 months.  

 I started out somewhat skeptical of this program.  I mean, I’ve tried several and though my children liked most of them, I really felt they were more designed as a “partial” program, not a full math curriculum that you child could use from kindergarten through high school graduation.  So, I was totally amazed when we started this program.  


First off, its super easy to navigate.  It is completely online, so if you don’t have internet access then of course it isn’t for you.  (However, if you can access a library, then I would still strongly consider it!).  Anyway, you start out by setting up a parent account, then adding your students.  They each have their own unique login so all your kids can be working on different devices at once.  I love that part!  We used our tablets and they worked fantastic, which is a huge plus for us!


There is so much to this program, I’m not sure where to start but I’ll just tell you how we are using it (and yes this is our math program we have chosen for the year and the following ones, lol).  I started Jake off in the 2nd grade section.  We worked on this for a month (maybe 20 days) and have completed 29 lessons so far.  Some of the 2nd grade sections he doesn’t need but some he did, so we just go to whichever block of lessons he needs to work on and go from there.  I’m going to be finishing these up pretty quickly and moving onto the 3rd grade section.  

At the beginning of each lesson there is a video lesson that is so easy to understand.  I usually sit with Jake to make sure he understands his math concepts but this guy does such a great job explaining that usually Jake just listened then went on to his questions without any input from me needed.  If they don’t make above an 80, then they re-watch the lesson and do more work on it until its mastered!  We did the Geometry first with Jake and Gabe both and they loved that.  I love the interactive parts which really help them to completely comprehend concepts!


I used this program with Gabe also, though not as intensively as with Jake, but he picked up on it extremely quickly and enjoys it also.  I’m just saying, if you can get them enjoying math, that is 90% of the battle already won!  


You can go in your parent account and set goals and lessons for your kids to complete and the dates they need to complete them by.  I can see this would be very beneficial for older kids who are working independently!  There is also a worksheet generator for more practice.  You get to pick the difficulty level, the number of questions and the topics covered.  


We do 1-2 lessons a day depending on the difficulty level and my son’s ease of comprehension.  Honestly, this program is done so well that I think we will try to do 2 years in one year’s time.  Of course that all depends on how he progresses.  But the way he is doing now, that is my tentative plan/goal.


There is also a section called Times Table Shoot ‘Em Up!  Jake loved this part. It is an excellent tool for rapidly recalling your times tables. I used this myself and you have to be fast to get them all before your time runs out. 


You can print or save each set of results. You can also print of save their ribbon awards. They get platinum, gold, silver and bronze depending on the percentage. 


Ok, I really could keep going on about this program. It’s that awesome, but I strongly encourage you to go and look at it for yourself. They have a special for homeschoolers right now!  Check out the other reviews at the link below!




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