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 I have to say this is one of my absolutely favorite companies to review for!  Its Heirloom Audio and “For the Temple” which is their newest G.A. Henty audio adventure.  I was given the opportunity to review their 2 cd set and study guide this month and let me tell you, our whole family LOVED it!


So, what adventure are we going on in this audio?  We are traveling to the Temple in 70 A.D. for the destroying of the temple and the fall of Jerusalum.  We are going along with a young man named John who lives with his parents and helps work their wine vineyards.  He has no other aspirations than to take over the vineyard and marry a young woman he is promised to (Mary).


However, while on a boat ride with his betrothed a storm overtakes them and they are rescued by the infamous Josephus.  He encourages John to become a soldier under him and protect the Temple.  After conferring with his parents John decides to do just that.  Now, here is where I stop the story or I’ll spoil it for you.


There is mystery, intrigue, betrayal and a love story to be had in this audio adventure.  It also has a surprise ending with a twist to satisfy a Christian’s heart.  I learned a LOT while listening to this cd set!  This was not something I had learned about in history so it was really interesting to me and as always they did a masterful job of bringing that time period and events to life.  The actors do an amazing job and the sound effects really enhance the story.


They also provided us with a study guide for this adventure which was very helpful to me!  Since I wasn’t overly familiar with the events surrounding the fall of the temple they provided loads of background information on key players, what motivated them ect…  The study guides also provides many extra opportunities for digging deeper into the lessons you can learn from this series.  For example does the Lord always deliver when there is a need (like John’s mother seems to imply) or does he wait for signs of true repentance?


Heirloom Audio really does a splendid job with this story, just like all their others!  While I listened to this and really enjoyed it, it was my husband and boys who have already listened to it multiple times.  If you have an auditory learner and haven’t tried audio adventures you are really missing out!  My husband loves to read but usually sticks to shorter stories or magazines but these from Heirloom Audio really hold his attention great and he is always excited when we get a new one!  He and the boys love to listen to them on their trips to town which is just about the perfect amount of time to finish or almost finish a whole story (2-2 1/2 hours long).


I hope you’ll check them out!  I know you won’t be disappointed and also click the link below to read our other reviewers’ thoughts on this incredible adventure!




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