5 Things I Did to Make Postpartum Recovery Easier

Jenny/ February 17, 2019/ Family Life


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This is my 4th postpartum period and I’ve learned something every time.  This one has been my easiest and quickest recovery by far and I’m sharing the things I used that I feel like contributed to this.


1.  Fermented Foods:

This may seem a weird one for postpartum recovery but anyone who has had a baby knows that your digestive system takes a real beating.  Fermented foods like sourkraut  and kombucha will keep your gut full of healthy bacteria and your systems running properly which will definitely make you feel better!


2.  Desiccated Liver:

I took these capsules throughout my pregnancy and my iron levels were great which is unusual for me.  My midwife was really impressed with how quickly they rose when I started taking these.  I took 4/day until later in my pregnancy then took 4/twice a day to help build my blood supply in preparation for the blood loss at birth.  After my birth I didn’t feel shaky or  weak at all and was able to stand right after giving birth by myself 🙂


3.  Afterpain tincture:

This was a huge one for me!  I despise taking OTC pain meds after birth but the cramping is really pretty unbearable.  So, I was very relieved that I had ordered a natural afterpain tincture.  It worked great and I had no need for Tylenol 🙂  Yeah!


4.  Essential Oils: 

I used these in my pregnancy and labor and believe they really helped me, but I also used them in the postpartum recovery from everything to baths for internal and external healing.  One area I really think they shone in was the baby blues!  With all my other births I’ve had several days with severely weeping, depressed periods.  This time I researched the oils to use to prevent this and other than a couple very minor “down” feelings I have not had the baby blues!  I am SO thankful for this!


5.  Herbal minerals:

I used these throughout my pregnancy and feel like they really contributed to my overall good health and the health of our baby!  I also loved using Good Night Lotion to help me sleep naturally 🙂


So, there you have it!  What have you learned from your postpartum experiences?  What will you do differently next time around?


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