8 Things from Sam’s Club to Save You $1,000!!

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disclaimer:  I use affiliate links which cost you nothing but pay me a small amount if you make a purchase through them!  I only recommend items I use & love!


So, I just recently got an awesome deal on a Sam’s Club membership because I’ve been hearing how much $$ you can save by shopping with them. I have been considering a membership for awhile but have been super skeptical.  It seemed so counterintuitive to pay for a membership to save money??? 

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I’m a research person.  I research pretty much EVERYTHING I consider doing.  Was a membership worth it?  Would I regret this?  So, I asked everyone I knew, I read articles from other bloggers, I did the math and then I took the plunge!

 Since we’ve been purchasing for quite a while I’m here to give you the stats on what I saved and what was worth my membership cost. Because I don’t know about you, but my grocery bill is my highest bill and I’d really rather spend that elsewhere!

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1.  Toilet Paper (ok, this isn’t grocery but household).  24 rolls/$5 regular shopping trip, Sam’s 45 mega rolls equivalent to 150 rolls/$20 shipped.  I saved around $10 for the same amount and saved myself the headache of hauling around large packages of toilet paper!  I figure it saves roughly $120/year. Wow! That’s some serious savings on toilet paper.  Obviously as a family of 6 we go through ALOT of toilet paper,hehe🤷


2.  Maple Syrup.  We previously were buying 4- 16 ounce bottles from Walmart a month for $8/bottle for a total of $32/month.  Sam’s has 32 ounce bottles of Organic Maple Syrup for $10.50 so my total is $21/month (savings of $11/month or $132/year!).  We really love this maple syrup too and use it in cookies, breads, muffins and on waffles.  Yummy!


3.  Cheese.  This one was costing us $4/pound from Aldi’s so when I found it at Sam’s for $3/pound I was excited!  I average about 8 pounds of block cheese per month so I saved $8*12months=$96 savings!  They also have giant 5 pound bags of shredded cheese for $13 a bag, so that is $2.60/pound!!  Woohoo!  I buy 2 of those a month so I save an additional $1.40 pound x 10=$14/month so altogether I save $264 on just cheese!  Seriously 😍


So right now we’re up to $516 savings per year on just 3 items!  I definitely got back my $100 investment already 🙂


4.  Blueberries (the frozen ones).  My kids inhale frozen blueberries but at $2.70/pound they can get pricey.  So, when I found them at Sam’s Club in 4 pound bags for $8 I was HAPPY!  I buy 4 bags of the blueberries/month so that’s a savings of $11*12months=$132/year!

I’m sure there are way more things that I’ll be buying in bulk there, (this is my preliminary list) but just these 4 items alone will save me $648/year!  That’s seriously enough to buy Christmas presents for the year or pay 1 year of vehicle insurance.  WAY worth it for me!

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Continuing my Sam’s Club savings…

I’m updating this post because we currently use Sam’s Club as one of our 2 grocery stores.

5. Paper Towels. Ok I am completely sold on their paper towels. It seems a little weird to be so excited about something like that, but really they are GREAT! They come in a 15 roll pack for $20. One pack lasts me 3 months. When you consider I was spending $16 a month on paper towels I’m saving $112 a year. And these are TOUGH paper towels and perforated at the half point so I don’t use as much for jobs like napkins.

6. Olive oil. I love the quality of Sam’s Club products and the Extra Virgin Olive Oil is no different. It’s fantastic and cheaper than Aldi! (I actually don’t shop at Aldi anymore). I save about $12/year. This may not seem like much, but they ship it directly to my door for that price!

7. Peanut Butter. I always buy natural peanut butter and Sam’s Club has a great store brand one. I mean, my husband likes it even better than the name brand or we were buying! I spend $7.50 for 2 huge jars every 2 weeks versus $11/2 weeks so I save roughly $84 a year!

8. Natural sweetener. I used to use the stevia from Aldi. We weren’t completely crazy about it but it worked. However, now I pay $13/800 packets versus $40 for the same amount!! Wowsers! And it tastes SO.MUCH.BETTER! So, I save $150/year on just that!

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8 things to buy from Sam's Club

Is it worth the investment for a Sam’s Club membership?

For us the answer is a definite YES! Just these items alone add up to over $1,000! Wow, that is some serious savings and I’m all about saving money and getting quality products.

Another HUGE benefit for us is the FREE SHIPPING that’s included in the Plus Membership. I honestly got the lowest package first but then I realized the benefits far outweighed the costs of the upgrade, so I upgraded and have never regretted it 🙂

We also quit going to Aldi (I know some of you are gasping right now) but I ran the numbers and its actually cheaper at Sam’s & Walmart for us. The quality is better too (with the store brands). I know a lot of people automatically think Aldi is cheaper but for the stuff we were buying it just wasn’t. And here’s a good example of the quality difference. At Aldi, we were buying bulk raw spinach which would last about 4 days fresh. At Sam’s Club its organic and lasts almost 2 weeks! So, I’m not wasting as much food either 🙂

Should you buy a membership?

Well, of course that’s totally up to you, however I really DO recommend it because you can save SO much money and time! Want more ideas on how to save money? Check out my posts on Thrifty Homeschool Mama Tips & Tricks!

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