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Its been a long time since I learned cursive handwriting!  2nd grade to be exact and I’ll be the first to admit that my handwriting is terrible.  I wonder if I had learned with CursiveLogic Quick-Start Pack and The Art of Cursive from CursiveLogic that I’m getting to review if my handwriting would have gotten so awful?  I’m really thinking that it would have stayed good so I’m excited to have my son learning through this fun & bright (we used magic markers!) way!


First off, when I got my package I was impressed with the quality of the materials.  The student book is spiral bound and printed on heavy paper.  The fronts are glossy (which I admit freely that I love!) and thick.  The reason it is spiral bound is so the child or adult using them can spin the paper freely to use a proper technique when writing.  The Art of Cursive book has removable pages so you can take out the sheets to spin them properly when you color (or actually write in cursive).  I also want to note these are both consumable products.


The first day starts off basic and covers your posture, your pencil and your paper.  It helps if you go over the material prior to actually starting the cursive learning so its not such a long first lesson for them.  Of course with younger children its a bit different than with older ones.  My 7 year old son is doing this course and actually likes it!  He says he likes cursive better than printing!  

 Then it goes over the basic shape of the lower case letters and groups them in shape catergories.  You will learn catch phrases and even colors to help you with making your letters smoothly in sucession and automatically.  The goal is to make identical letters each time without even having to think about it.

 (my son’s first attempt at tracing cursive letters).

 (some of his practice work, he was improving!)


After you learn your lowercase alphabet then you will go on to uppercase letters.  There is plenty of practice in each lesson without becoming boring.  

 (this is an example from the adult book of my practice)


The adult cursive coloring book is just plain fun!  It also goes over each cursive technique and gives you practice review sessions.  It is obviously not as detailed in instructions since it is intended as a review.  It definitely helped improve my handwriting!  Then after the review you get to color beautiful pictures based almost entirely on cursive technique, which is really neat!  I had no idea how pleasing to the eye that would be.



They also provided a webinar for instruction which shows you correct technique and the lessons in video detail (which is helpful if you have questions).  This is provided from Vimeo and is approximately 45 minutes long, which you could watch by yourself or with your child.


The student book is $34.95 and can take approximately 4 weeks to complete.  Of course this is adjustable based on your child’s age and desire to learn the skill.  They have a package deal with the webinar and student book for $49.95 and The Art of Cursive is $15.95.  The package is all you need to teach your student fluent cursive!  The Art of Cursive is not a full curriculum so its only an additional treat for a student who has mastered cursive or an adult who wants to brush up on their skills.


I was very pleased with the progress my son made in his writing.  I believe it actually helped his printing also because it helped him with his pencil control.  I will be continuing this program with him until he is fluent and also plan to use it with my younger son, so its definitely a keeper in my book!


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