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Jenny/ February 24, 2018/ Homeschool Reviews


So, I’ve been taking my Best Nest Wellness supplements for a little over a month now.  Along with dietary changes and my Arbonne cleanse I am feeling great!  I’m just going to list some things about Best Nest that I love so much:


Methyfolate:  this is a highly absorb-able form of folate that our bodies can use naturally.  Many of us can’t absorb or convert other forms of folate.  This is hugely important to all of us, but especially to women of child-bearing age since we know folate can prevent birth defects. 


Ferrous Fumerate:  this form of Iron is super gentle on your tummy!  I can take these vitamins on an empty stomach with no issues whatsoever.


Wellness Blend:  In the Prenatal, there is a built in wellness blend of herbs including Red Raspberry, Chamomile & Ginger.  All of these are great for morning sickness and uterine strength.


Probiotics:  If you feel bloated or gassy you can take a capsule and in my experience its gone within a short time (15-30 minutes).


Men’s Multi:  My husband has been taking these sporadically (do men ever take vitamins unless you put them out? lol) and along with a dietary change and cleanse is doing great!  On a side note, he’s lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks!


Iron:  I am loving this iron supplement.  It tastes like chocolate, though honestly it has an irony aftertaste.  It doesn’t hurt my stomach at all and greatly helps me during my cycle to prevent my iron levels from dipping too low.


Overall, I am super pleased with these supplements & will continue to recommend them!  I hope you’ll check them out!


disclaimer:  I received these supplements free of charge for my fair and honest review.  I am not compensated for any purchases through Best Nest.

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