Healthy Living

Jenny/ May 28, 2018/ Family Life

  One area in life I am truly passionate about is healthy living!  I love all aspects of it, nutrition, holistic healing, preparing my own herbal remedies and researching ways to improve my health.   I believe a healthy child starts out with a healthy pregnancy which provides the basis for my children’s long term health.  I make sure and

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Finish-up review on BestNest Wellness

Jenny/ February 24, 2018/ Homeschool Reviews

  So, I’ve been taking my Best Nest Wellness supplements for a little over a month now.  Along with dietary changes and my Arbonne cleanse I am feeling great!  I’m just going to list some things about Best Nest that I love so much:   Methyfolate:  this is a highly absorb-able form of folate that our bodies can use naturally. 

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