My inconvenient family

Jenny/ October 4, 2017/ Family Life

My family is so inconvenient!  I know it sounds harsh but it is so true.  As I sit to write this post about them, I have been interrupted no less than 12 times.  I need an orange peeled, water, I need to go potty…You know how it goes!  This got me to thinking.  The Bible says children are a blessing and a reward from the Lord, but honestly he never said they were convenient.  Children require a massive amount of sacrifice, self-denial and PATIENCE!  If you don’t possess those qualities in large quantities you will pray diligently for them after becoming a parent!

That also got me to thinking.  Maybe God doesn’t really care if things are convenient.  It certainly wasn’t convenient for Abraham to leave his cushy home and go on a journey at an old age.  It wasn’t convenient for Noah to build an ark and make everyone think he was crazy.  It wasn’t convenient for David to become king (he was always running from people trying to kill him after that).  It wasn’t convenient for Mary, an unwed mother, to have a baby.  It wasn’t convenient for Jesus to go to the cross.  It wasn’t convenient for the disciples to give up all to follow Christ.  And its not convenient to get up with a child in the middle of the night, answer yet another question or get another dry diaper out.  Its not convenient but its a blessing.  Maybe we should start redefining what a blessing is!  Blessings aren’t usually convenient 🙂

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