What Shall We Do in This New Year?

Jenny/ December 29, 2021/ Family Life

It’s no secret that a huge percentage of people set New Year goal only to quit before the end of January. I’d love to know how many pieces of exercise equipment are purchased the first week of January and then gathering dust by February. Like it or not we are a nation of tried and failed individuals. We’re always trying

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Spring Update

Jenny/ May 31, 2020/ Family Life

So here it is the end of May and tomorrow is the first day of June! How completely CRAZY is that? It seems like this year has flown by. We have had an absolutely beautiful spring here and I am LOVING it! Our garden is growing so fast and we’ve been picking ripe strawberries. Our kids are growing twice as

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Don't Trade the Best for the Good

Jenny/ April 6, 2019/ Family Life

  It really annoys me when people tell younger people that they can “have it all”.  Its simply not true.  You cannot have everything you could possibly want to do or have and let them all dwell peaceably together.  We have to make choices between the best and the good.  What does that mean?  Let me explain:   What if

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My inconvenient family

Jenny/ October 4, 2017/ Family Life

My family is so inconvenient!  I know it sounds harsh but it is so true.  As I sit to write this post about them, I have been interrupted no less than 12 times.  I need an orange peeled, water, I need to go potty…You know how it goes!  This got me to thinking.  The Bible says children are a blessing

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My life as a Gipsygirl

Jenny/ October 3, 2017/ Family Life

I’m from a tiny community known as Gipsy.  Its on the banks of small river where we loved to swim, fish and camp.  I moved a grand total of 15 miles when I got married to an equally tiny community.  Now, I have 3 young children, I homeschool and have a small home business.  Its called Gipsygirl’s Hair Accessories where

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