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Jenny/ October 5, 2017/ Thrifty Homeschool Mama Tips & Tricks

So the big thing nowdays in getting kids (and grown-ups) outside!  There are so many “good” things inside that can take up our time.  There is always an abundance of work & entertainment that endeavors to keep us inside.  So what does it take to get us out?

The best thing for our family is to go for a walk each morning.  This morning I strapped baby L on my chest and packed up the 2 boys for a short ride to marshland for an exploratory morning walk. 

They had so much fun.  They saw butterflies, ducks, blackbirds and load of fall wildflowers.  They saw a hog wallow and a bird’s nest in a small willow tree.

They worked off some (not enough of course) of their excess energy and for awhile were best friends and comrades. 

I enjoyed the walk also and loved seeing the wonder on baby L’s face as the ducks flew over us or frogs sang to us.

That was the start to our day and a good start it was!  Why don’t you try it?  You might find it helps your whole day go better (unless of course a wild hog chases you through swampland & you get bit by a cottonmouth, none of which happened today, YEAH!)!

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