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One area in life I am truly passionate about is healthy living!  I love all aspects of it, nutrition, holistic healing, preparing my own herbal remedies and researching ways to improve my health.


I believe a healthy child starts out with a healthy pregnancy which provides the basis for my children’s long term health.  I make sure and take a quality vitamin that provides necessary vitamins, minerals and whole food supplementation.  A few of the ones I’ve loved are Best Nest Wellness and Vitamin Code.  Both are wonderful vitamins that don’t bother my stomach and provide great nutrition.  I also take a B complex from Vitamin Code and additional Calcium, Magnesium & Vitamin D3.  In addition I take cayenne pepper capsules to increase my energy and to naturally treat headaches.  I despise taking and otc or prescription medicines and do everything in my power to keep from it!  I also take herbal supplements such as red raspberry leaf, nettle, dandelion and more.  Of course I research everything to make certain I can take it safely.


Then I have chosen to have home births simply because I feel its the best option for me 🙂  I love the fact that I can birth in a setting where my normal germs are present.  Its my bathroom, my floor, my food, ect…Everyone won’t make (or can’t make) this choice and I totally understand that.  I love that my baby never leaves me and can nurse immediately.  I also love that my midwives wait until the cord completely stops pulsing before cutting it.  Both of my babies born at home had Apgar scores of 9,10!


After my baby is born I am a firm believer in breastfeeding (especially extended breastfeeding).  If at all possible I nurse my babies past 2 years.  This time around with Lilly that may not be possible for me since I am expecting a new baby a month after she turns 2.  However, my goal is to make it to her 2nd birthday and then wean her.  Both of my boys I nursed 2 years 4 months and they are super healthy!  Amazingly, they don’t even have allergies (I do, and was concerned they would also).  I also make chiropractic visits a priority for our whole family.


Healthy food is a must!  While we are not complete organic buyers (simply because of the price) we do try to purchase the healthiest food possible on our budget.  I rarely buy convenience foods and make most things from scratch (pancakes, muffins, biscuits ect…) and with 100% whole wheat flour.  I actually bought a grain mill a few years ago and love it!  We also eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.  I rarely buy anything canned except salmon, tuna and occasionally spaghetti sauce & my weakness…salsa.   I use extra virgin olive oil for most of my cooking along with butter and occasionally canola oil.  I try to use cultured dairy such as buttermilk and plain yogurt which helps with our digestive systems. (it also really improves the taste!)


I’m also a big believer in herbal supplements and we routinely use elderberry extract, olive leaf tincture and goldenseal tincture to treat first signs of illness.  I also use the elderberry as a preventative treatment which flu season is around.  We also try to avoid sugar, white flour and other nasties especially during cold/flu season.


During the rest of the year I do try to limit the amount of sugar/processed foods our children (and us) get.  It is more difficult on the weekends it seems but instead of getting stressed out I try to tell myself to go by the 95% rule.  Eat healthy 95% of the time and the 5% probably won’t matter that much.  Otherwise, it drives me a little nuts, lol.  


Thank the Lord our family has been exceptionally healthy!  Yes, we do still get sick, but its very rare and normally only lasts for a day or two.  Dennis and I seem to get much sicker than the kids and I’m sure its because their immune systems are so much better.  


So, what do you do to prevent illness or promote health in your household?



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