Using Neuroplasticity with Forbrain!

Jenny/ December 3, 2019/ Homeschool Reviews

disclaimer: I am an Amazon affiliate and use Amazon links!When our son was born 6 years ago, he was born with a right clubfoot. He was perfectly healthy otherwise, we had no indication that he wouldn’t speak until he was 3 years old (other than a few words). I had never even heard of neuroplasticity or I would have begun

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Dyslexia Gold Review

Jenny/ July 1, 2019/ Homeschool Reviews

  Do your children have dyslexia or another reading/learning issue?  Our children haven’t been diagnosed with one but I thought I would try this program to see if it helped with some letter mix-up problems one of our son’s was having, so when we were given the chance to review Dyslexia Gold and their Dyslexia Gold Full Bundle which is a subscription program designed

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