The Easter Story

Jenny/ March 10, 2018/ Family Life

  In our day it seems as though Christmas gets our main focus and Easter is just a side note.  But I’m seriously rethinking that.  After all, just consider what would be if Jesus has come to Earth as a little baby, lived, died and that’s the end of the story…Where’s the hope in that?  As Paul said, “we would

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A Healthy Chocolate Brownie

Jenny/ February 23, 2018/ Family Life

  So, starting about the 8th of February my husband and I embarked on a new health journey.  We went on the Arbonne 30 day cleanse.  In addition to the supplements and shakes you need to cut out sugar, grains, unhealthy fats, honey (our normal sweetener) nitrates, corn ect…  So there went many of our “healthy” snacks.  I’ve been experimenting

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