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Jenny/ April 1, 2021/ Homeschool Reviews

Our official homeschool year is out! Yay! While I absolutely love homeschooling I also love the even greater and flexibility that our off time brings. However, don’t stop learning in this time. In fact we tend to focus more on Science, History and outdoor pursuits like gardening. On thing we’re doing this spring is an awesome study on The Book of Birds from Memoria Press. I’m doing this mainly with Jake and Gabe but the girls are listening and learning also. This study includes the text, student workbook, teacher manual, flashcards, coloring book and field guide! The teacher book has reproducible parts like bird observation pages, quizzes ect. Everything is reusable except the student workbook and coloring book making it super economical for bigger families!

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Jake is doing the student workbook, coloring book and flashcards whereas Gabe is not doing the student book this year. I will probably redo this study every few years and the older ones can do the workbook. The workbook is pretty in-depth so I’m taking about a week per lesson.

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We just started this week and are studying animal classification and the parts of a bird. Plus we are learning 2 new birds in each lesson and all about them! I about had a fight yesterday over the study text because ALL the kids wanted the book to look at! (Even Daisy had to have her turn). The pictures in it are so cool!

The Book of Birds lessons are short and to the point. This is perfect for me because it holds their attention. Right now we’re working on memorizing the parts of a bird. Today we’ll listen to the different calls of each of our birds also. As we progress we’ll be using the flashcards daily to help us !

Book of birds

One thing I really really love about this study is the full color photos and drawings. I hate to be a snob here but color really does make a huge difference in enjoyment of books, especially when you’re learning something new🌞

Like all of the resources I’ve used from Memoria Press the quality is EXCELLENT! I hope you’ll come back in a few weeks to read about more of our Book of Birds Study!

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