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Jenny/ April 25, 2021/ Homeschool Reviews

I don’t know about you but life can get a bit overwhelming and when you try to do too much it can be hugely overwhelming! That’s why this late winter/early spring we switched back to CTCMath. Having 3 kids who are doing math was getting to be too much with the parent intensive program I was using. (It was a great program just a lot to do each day). I’m all about learning homeschool math the easy way!

Disclaimer: I received this product for my fair and honest review. I was not required to give a positive review or compensated in any other way for a positive review.

Homeschool math

So we switched and to tell you the truth my kids love it! They actually ask to do their math willingly. My current ages are 10, 7 and 4. My 4 and 7 year olds are doing theirs on basically the same level. My 4 year old is EXTREMELY advanced in many areas and my 7 year old has some struggles in certain areas so it works well to place them together on most things.

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My 10 year old is able to do the CTCMath with hardly any oversight or assistance from me. This helps free me up tremendously! I do help the other 2 a bit where necessary as my 4 year old has some problems navigating the computer by herself and my 7 year old needs some things explained. The videos are clear and concise which I like. There aren’t pages of worksheets and once they get it they’re done.

All of my kids enjoy numbers and homeschool math so finding a program that doesn’t bog them down was really important. I do NOT want to kill their natural love of learning while at the same time I want to gently nudge them to expand their knowledge and understanding in math.

What’s great about this homeschool math?

I could probably just start in on this program and lists things for QUITE awhile but I’ll try to be concise here ( I know you’re busy).

  1. It’s easy to navigate for both parents and kids. Ever have a pretty good program but getting around in it is a NIGHTMARE? Yep been there done that! CTCMath is definitely not like that. Basically I login and then choose from my enrolled students. I can see how many lessons they’ve completed and what level they’re learning at in one quick glance at my dashboard. Score!
  2. It’s flexible. Let’s say my son Jake is rather advanced in angles but needs to go slower in division. No sweat! I simply move him along in each spot wherever he needs to be. He may be in 6th grade geometry and 4th grade division which prevents him from getting pushed along too quickly or bored.
  3. Everything is kept track of for you. The lessons completed, days, scores ect. There is even a results page you can look at quickly to see exactly what they’ve accomplished. And there are printable awards for your portfolio!
  4. Its all online so you can take it wherever you have internet. The downside of this of course is if you don’t have internet then you’re out of luck. We have really poor rural internet and amazingly the videos play well for us. I’m guessing they don’t use much internet and because they’re short we’ve not had issues with it!
  5. Family package! Yes this is SO helpful to families with multiple children. It makes this program extremely economical and so simple to keep everyone on the same page.

So to round this up for you. The more I use this program the more i love the simplicity and solid foundation it brings to our homeschool math! After all who really wants to do things the hard way just because? Why not do your homeschool math the easy way! Your kids will thank you!

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