“Simply Classical” (a book for the classically homeschooling family)

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If you read my blog at all you know I absolutely love books, (especially homeschooling books)! So when I received my new catalog/magazine for Memoria Press and saw the book Simply Classical I just knew I needed to read it😍 The funny part is I had no idea how it would impact my homeschool!

Disclaimer: I received this book for my fair and honest review and was not compensated in any other way.

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First off, the book is lovely and thick (but not overwhelming). It’s told from a mother’s account of how they adopted twin babies who were severely mentally and physically delayed and gave them a Classical Education. Right upfront, this book doesn’t claim classical education as a cure-all or that their children no longer have learning or developmental problems but it does clearly show that a Classical Education benefits everyone!

Simply Classical is primarily written with children with special needs or struggles in mind but honestly you can use it to help you with ALL your children! Why? Because in my opinion all of us have areas we excell and areas we struggle in. Of course its obvious when some children really have learning issues. A case in point is one of my sons.

He’s actually incredibly smart and talented in so many areas but has problems with retaining information to memorize. Since implementing a more classical learning method though he is steadily improving!

Read about how I’m teaching him and his sister to read with Primary Arts of Language!

I just recently bought The Book of Birds Study from Memoria Press and he and his brother are SO excited about starting that. We’re actually going to do it during our summer break to incorporate fun and learning. I honestly wouldn’t have probably included him in the working part of the program had I not read this book first. In fact, I’m not really certain I would have gotten this study if I hadn’t read Simply Classical first😁 It just encouraged me so much to use a bit more structure in my homeschool.

Of course I can’t guarantee you that classical education is the perfect fix for your homeschool. In ours we do a beautiful combination of Classical, Charlotte Mason and probably a few others but this book really challenged me to dig deeper with my kids and swing a little more away for child centered to laying this huge, solid foundation of learning in my kids lives!

I hope you check out this book because I think it will bring good things into your life! Is full of hope, faith and sound wisdom and I think we all could use a lot of that in our lives!

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