A Common Sense View of COVID-19

Jenny/ March 15, 2020/ Family Life

So it is completely obvious what is on the minds of most people right now. It seems to be pretty divided with one side freaking out and the other side doing nothing. I really think a common sense approach is a middle ground somewhere.

Don’t panic!

First off, freaking out and going into panic mode is not helpful anytime, much less in a crisis. Is this a crisis? It remains to be seen, because right now we really just don’t know.

But what we do know is staying calm and rational is ALWAYS beneficial! The other side seems to be denying that anything will happen. I’ve actually seen memes that say things like “now is not the time to skip church, its the time to fill pews.” Um…why? Because God will automatically protect you at church but not in the checkout lane? That doesn’t make sense at all.

Guess what? You can catch infectious diseases at church probably at a higher rate than the grocery store. So if they’re limiting contact elsewhere then guess what. It makes sense to limit or at church too! Because I don’t know about you but I generally don’t hug people at the grocery store or sit 1 foot from them and share a meal together. It pays to have common sense people. No freaking out, no drama…just stay home!

Use your head.

God gave you a brain for a reason. So plan, not this crazy hoarding 1500 rolls of toilet paper planning though. Instead think what you might need to survive if you can’t get out for several weeks. Think of foods, necessary supplements or medications. Only buy stuff you’ll actually eventually consume or won’t go bad quickly. Don’t go out and buy 300 cans of soup if your family doesn’t like soup. Don’t buy 40 bottles of hand sanitizer just wash your hands with soap and water! Yeah its great to have hand sanitizer for times you don’t have access to soap and water but lets face it that’s not really the norm!

Think of your family first.

Oh I know some people are going to eat me up for this but my first responsibility is to my family. So that means the more I isolate myself the better I protect them! Does this mean I wouldn’t help someone else? Of course not! But it does mean I’m not taking part in unnecessary events. Because lets face it, if my kids or I get sick ain’t nobody coming to rescue us. And if my husband and I are ill we still have to take care of our family! So just like every flu season I made the decision to just stay home!

I feel deeply sorry for all the people affected by this but the truth is, overreacting or denying do not help them in any way. So I’m going to keep praying, washing my hands and staying home. Its just common sense and we can all use a lot of that in our world!

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