Journey Through the Code, Journal Entry #5

Jenny/ November 19, 2019/ Homeschool Reviews

Oooh, I’m so far behind right now! We’ve been doing this awesome program called The Kingdom Code, Journey Through the Code but sadly I’m really behind on documenting it! Oops, well real life happens 🙂 So, here’s our update for Lesson #5. Remember this is our entrepreneur program for kids to teach them how to start and run a business! Its perfect for the homeschool family and anyone else wanting to get their child a head-start in running their own business 🙂

kingdom code journal entry


“My heart plans the way, but the Lord directs my path.”

We are asking the Lord to direct and bless our path . We are completing the business plan this week!

Words to learn:

strategy: plan to reach a goal.

advertising: making people aware of an event, service or product.

capital: more or property used in a business

financial: anything that has to do with money.

marketing strategy: a plan to tell consumers about a service or product.

Jake (and I did too!) had to learn about potential customers, competition and make an advertising and financial plan. Then he learned how to price his service and what kind of start-up capital he would need.

He’s still working on his chosen job (he just completed another job of stacking several rank of wood). Come back next week for another update!

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