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Jenny/ October 22, 2019/ Homeschool Reviews


 Creating A Masterpiece  is an awesome program we got to review and a year subscription to their online  Drawing Program!

If you would love to teach drawing to your kids but have no idea how or where to start this program is for you!  Or maybe you started teaching your kids but they have quickly advanced past your expertise, this program is for you!  Keep reading to find out more!



What’s this program all about?


  • First off, this is a completely online program we are reviewing, so we did ours first thing in the mornings when our internet is fastest. Anyone else have this lovely problem with rural internet?

  • It was extremely easy to setup and access the lessons. They have loads of other lesson options but we are reviewing the Drawing Program. I love drawing!

  • You will of course need to purchase your own supplies. They have made this super easy by providing a materials list for each lesson. They even have links for ordering them. I got ours on sale from Amazon ????. They don’t require loads of supplies which is very nice!




  • You simply go to the lessons and click the one you want to do. There are several parts in each lesson (already divided up in manageable videos) so you can watch and work on one a day or if your student wants to continue then you can easily do more!







How we used it:

  • I’ve been wanting to work with my kids on drawing so this was the perfect chance for us. I loved how the videos explained everything to us and took us step by step through the project!  We started with the first one..a caricature of a giraffe. Jake, Gabe and I all drew this. 


  • It was a bit difficult at first getting the boys to be willing to do their own drawing and be alright with not liking their first efforts. I felt this was a great life lesson!


  • We did one part of the drawing each day, so the boys didn’t get overwhelmed with it. If you have older children this wouldn’t be as much of an issue probably!


  • We actually did the giraffe drawing twice, to really get a good start of drawing, because they had wanted help with the first one and on the second I made them do it solo!


  • After the giraffe, we went on to a pencil landscape. I was really surprised at this one! She made the process so simple!  My 5 year old actually wanted to watch this by himself one day and picked up on an enormous amount of detail to put in his drawing. He’s my detail boy!


We have so many left to do!  From the beginning drawing you just keep advancing and using different medias like charcoal, colored pencil ect…  I love that this program is so flexible in both terms of use and ages using it.  I can get a totally different experience from it then my 5 year old but we’re both learning and advancing! How awesome is that!


So, if you’re wanting to add Fine Arts to your homeschool program this year, I strongly urge you to consider this program!  Its fantastic!  


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