Journey Through the Bible with "The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls" by WorthyKids Books

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Do you want a great way to teach Bible History in a way your kids will be begging for more?  Then you need to check out The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls by WorthyKids Books that we reviewed this month!  We received books 5 & 6 which are Secret of the Hidden Scrolls: The Shepherd’s Stone (5) & Secret of the Hidden Scrolls:  The Lion’s Roar (6)!



What are these books about?


Basically, these softcover books follow the adventures of 2 young people, (sister and brother) Mary & Peter and their dog Hank.  They are staying with their Great Uncle Solomon who was an archeologist. He lives in a huge old house full of strange, ancient artifacts. Amazingly, these kids get to enter into stories from the Bible!


They have to follow certain rules and figure out the secret of a scroll each time or they don’t get to return to their present day life!  


You’re going to meet Michael, the archangel, and a rather sinister man in black, Satan in each book!

“The Shepherd’s Stone” is the story about David and Goliath.  This was an incredibly exciting one and my son didn’t want me to quit reading!  You get to travel with the kids and their dog as they meet David and his family. Poor David, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for him as his brothers belittled him and his contribution to the family!  They scorned the idea that he would one day become king!


They get to journey down to the camp where the Philistines are taunting the Israelites. The courage of this young man never ceases to amaze me!  Why did he have so much courage when the others shook with fear?  My guess this is what God saw in David, long before!  He saw a hero, a champion for God!  You get to see that in this book also.

In “The Lion’s Roar” we get to go to ancient Babylon and meet Daniel.  Did you ever wonder what decision you would make between worshipping a false idol & imprisonment?  You get to find out in this book! 


One theme that runs through these books and I absolutely love it, is the theme of God’s almighty power and the willingness of these men (and women) to obey Him in-spite of the very real possibility of death!  This should give great encouragement to us as we make a decision on whether or not to follow God’s Will for our lives in our small, everyday decisions.

These books are an excellent read (we used them as read-a-louds for all the kids) and I love them!  We reviewed two of the other books in this series before and just like then, I can’t praise them too much!  You and your kids will both love them 🙂


This series is perfect for not only homeschoolers but also for Sunday Schools and Children’s Churches!  You get to learn Biblical history in a fun, exciting way!  How can you go wrong with that?  


Oh, and don’t forget to enter the GIVEAWAY!  They are giving away 3 sets of signed copies of books 1-7!  Yes, there is a brand new book coming out soon!  Woohoo!


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