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 We received this Fun Family Chess set from Brain Blox for review and I was so excited because I’ve been reading how chess is so amazing for brain development!  How cool is that?  Grow your brain while playing a game!

What’s included in this set?


  • Wooden board.  Seriously this is a high quality solid wood chess board!  No plastic, no cardboard!  Built to last and very attractive!  I’m a stickler for quality products and this one hits every high mark????. Everything stores nicely inside it and it locks shut!

  • Wooden chess pieces.  Again, every part is extremely well made and built to last!  You buy this once and your grandkids will be playing with it!

  • Dice.  Ok, what’s the deal with the dice?  Oh, this is neat and such a great idea!  The ???? don’t have dots but the different chess pieces on it. You can easily play with little ones by simply rolling the dice and they move the piece it lands on. If for some reason they can’t move that one, they just roll again!  So easy!

  • Drawstring velvet bags for the chess pieces. There are 2 so the different colored pieces can be stored in with the others of the same color.  

  • Heavy reference cards that tell what each piece can do.  These are so handy because if someone is like me and constantly forgets what each piece does it’s a great reminder and easy to access!


Why would you want this in your family?


  • It’s fun!  No, seriously you can play 2 people or 4 people, young people, old people… anyone!  You can think harder, plan smarter and learn that actions cause consequences! My son even figured out how to play against himself ????. Guess what?  He won every time ????

  • It’s brain building! In a world that’s constantly filled with screens and electronic technology it’s very beneficial to have something that can be played with no supervision and no commercials or mixed messages!


How did we use this?


  • My husband has always loved chess, however I never could remember all the rules!  This gave him the perfect opportunity to teach our oldest son to play. Jake learned so well that he then taught me!

  • We played individually (1 on 1) and as teams. The players that knew how to play better had a younger one on their team also. I overheard my 5 year old explaining how to play chess to his 3 year old sister!


I’m excited about continuing to use this with the kids as they get older! Like I mentioned the quality is fantastic so there’s no worry that it’s going to tear up in the next few months!  I fully expect to pass it down!


I want to also mention that there are online videos if you get stuck or want some inspiration!


I have been reading that chess improves your scores in all subjects!  Why?  I think it’s because it causes so many parts of brain to work simultaneously. You have to plan ahead because spur of the moment moves usually don’t turn out well (kinda like life!). It teaches patience and persistence. Jake wanted to play over and over until he finally beat his dad!  It also gives a great feeling of true accomplishment when you do win a game!


I hope you’re inspired to try this wonderful game of chess with your family but remember it’s not a full, boring game; it’s meant to be a Fun Family Chess game!


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