Building Stronger Brains with "Brain Blox"

Jenny/ October 15, 2019/ Homeschool Reviews


We love all things building at our house so when we were given the opportunity to review Brain Blox Wooden Building Planks by Brain Blox I was so excited!  I knew my kids were going to love them! (I was excited for myself too, because I love that kind of thing also!).


So, what’s so great about Brain Blox?  Let me count the things!

  1. Durability. These are made from solid, untreated, unpainted wood. I love that these fall down over and over and it doesn’t matter a bit!

  2. Flexibility.  All of my kids from 8 years-8 months can use them with no issues. My baby can’t swallow or get choked on them. They have nothing toxic on them and yet my 8, 5 and 2 year olds can enjoy them with varying levels of building complexity!

  3. Number!  Seriously these came with 200 blocks!  It’s enough to make loads of projects. I hate just getting enough of a toy to build half of a project ????. You don’t have that issue with these!

  4. Store easily. Yes, these store so easy!  They even provide a heavy, durable bag just for that and guess what?  They all fit into it with no problems!  I despise getting a storage bag or tote with a product and you can’t get it all to fit ????. Like, what actually is the point there?


 What did we do with these?


  • We had a blast!  We used these over and over just to have fun building together!  The thing I love so much is everyone can take part!

  • We built individual projects.  We used the provided pamphlet that gave a lot of different things to build. It takes a good eye for detail, a steady hand and persistence!

  • We used them in our school to count with for the littler ones. They are the perfect size for even my smallest to grasp easily.

  • We built towers as high as we could and then guess what the kids did?  ???? ???? ???? they knocked them down and made a glorious crash!  How many of you guessed that before I told you?????

  • My oldest used these to build words & sentences.  He actually thought that up on his own!  This would make perfect hands on practice for letters for little ones!


What’s so important about building things like this?


  • It stimulates your brain!  Did you know this type of “play” is actually a brain building activity?  

  • It teaches you to plan and carry out your plans. You easily see what works and what doesn’t.

  • It teaches engineering and balancing technology that can’t be found from “book learning”. It has to be hands on!

  • It helps you express creativity and expend your energy in a positive, peaceful manner!  I personally found it very relaxing to build with these!


I am just so impressed with these blocks! Another reason I love them is they are so equal, which really helps when you are building projects you need to balance!  I’ve used products before that weren’t well made and they just wouldn’t balance!  


I hope you’ll check this company & their awesome products!  BTW, I just reviewed their Fun Family Chess so check that review out also!  


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