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If you read our homeschool reviews at all you know we are crazy about history!  This next year we are studying the Middle Ages so when we were given a chance to review Home School in the Woods and their Project Passport World History Studies with The Middle Ages we were super excited!  I’ve used some of their products before and we loved them!


So, first of all, this is all digital content which as you know, I think is so handy to have!  You can print in color or black and white and reprint as needed. You also can read any text directly from your computer if you don’t want to print it!  I should note these studies are geared towards grades 3-8 but they are amazingly easy to adjust!  I used this one with my 8 year old mainly but also included my 5 year old. 


There is text to read, projects to do, and mp3 files to listen to.  I enjoyed reading the history to the boys. I hadn’t really learned much of the Middle Ages in school so as usual I’m learning right along with them!  Definite perk of homeschooling!


How we used it:


1.  We are on “summer break” so we didn’t use this as intensively as we would have during the regular year (we actually do plan on using this with our Middle Ages study during the year since the projects are super neat!). 


2.  We did read the text aloud.  They made it really interesting and we learned several “funny” things about the Middle Ages.  One in particular that made us laugh was sumptuary laws, where you actually were only able to purchase and wear clothing that was fitted to your “station” or class.  You could be fined for wearing clothing above your class!


3.  Jake really enjoyed the mp3 audio files.  In them it was like you were a traveler to a specific time and place (Viking village, battles, viewing kings, ect…).  They did a good job with these, the only thing is my son would have preferred they had been longer!


4.  There were projects with each stop.  One project the kids loved was making a Robin Hood hat!  They provided the pattern and instructions.  We had to use fleece (since we didn’t have felt) which worked great though it wasn’t as stiff as felt would have been.  There is also a passport to build and fill in with each stop and a newspaper to write in the happenings!  Great way for your kids to practice creative writing.



Home School in the Woods has so many neat things to do with history.  There are studies on Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome and more.  


They also have a blog where you can find lots of info on their products that will excite your children to learn more history!  Here are a few posts I thought you would find interesting:  Adding Interest to History with Recipes, Adding Living Books to Your Homeschool, and Using Time Travelers to Teach American History.  There are loads more articles to help you teach your children to love learning!  I hope you’ll check them out!


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