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Jenny/ July 17, 2019/ Homeschool Reviews

We are on a “summer break” around here but we are still learning and one way I decided to do that was to review Crafty Classroom and their study called Fables & Tales.  It is a language arts program that is full of fun and interesting things to learn!

First off, this is a digital program and you can print it in either black & white or color.  I chose the black and white.  Everything is super cute and attractive!  A note:  do not print on both sides as this will mess up many of your projects.  Oops, yes I did this first!  The awesome thing about digital is if you mess up a page you can just reprint and it stores so nicely!  I love digital curriculum 🙂


This is full of fairy tales and fables as the name says. Its an 8 week study that’s 133 pages of fun!  We put together mini books on “The Gingerbread Man”, “Goldilocks and the 3 Bears”, “Jack & the Beanstalk”, “The Ugly Duckling”, “The Little Red Hen”, “The Three Little Pigs”, “Hansel & Gretel” and “Little Red Riding Hood”.  I read these aloud to the kids.  They colored their “books” and I used them with Jake as practice readers.



The lessons were really neat and included looking at pictures and answering questions about the story. You also got to practice using verbs, adjectives, nouns and sentence punctuation in making up your own silly fairy tales. Jake loves this part. The best thing is they get used to using these parts of sentences without even realizing they are learning!  It’s just fun to them????. 


Then, they get to make up their own fairy tales by picking some characters and a place. Jake was absolutely crazy about this. I wrote down the stories for him and he came up with some very good ones. He actually did a great job of providing the characters, the problem and a solution. I think that ignited a love for story writing in him!  One story was so long we did the front, back and another page just to finish it!


There is a suggested method for completing the study but of course you can do what works for your family.  I think you and your kids will enjoy these lessons.  



This is a fantastic 8 week program!  You could use this as I did during the summer or during the regular school year as a special break. (during Christmas is a great idea!).  You can also use this as a year end review when everyone is just ready to be done with traditional “book” work. The Crafty Classroom has loads of other products also so you could rotate these to keep your kids excited about learning!  Some of the other ones they have are USA Activity Bundle Pack and Sight Word of the Week Program.


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