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Are you a Science pro?  I freely admit that I am not and I really didn’t comprehend much of what was taught in my school years.  So, I was thrilled to review an online program called Supercharged Science and their e-Science Homeschool Science Curriculum.  This is a really neat program that is full of short videos and tons of projects.  You can use it several different ways but the two main ones are by “topic” or “grade level”.  We used the topics during our review but I may use the grade level for this next year.

 I love how this program is set up!  Its extremely user friendly and absolutely loaded with information.  We started with the beginner videos about friction, gravity and magnetism.  I learned as much as the kids because I never actually understood much of this.  Aurora (one of the main teachers) is full of life and makes learning this really fun. She is an excellent teacher (all the others we watched were also) and explained things very well. 


There are videos to watch in each section, along with extra reading material (older children, adults would benefit here especially) and a materials list for all the experiments.  Most of the experiments use everyday things like the one we did for a hovercraft which uses a cd, bottle-top, paper cup, balloon and hot glue.


We also watched more advanced videos on cells in preparation for Jake’s next year on anatomy and physiology.  That was really neat (even though I make absolutely no claims to understanding exactly how cells work I did gain a much better understanding).  


The boys also learned how compasses work using the earth’s magnetism and they experimented with their compass (which they love).  Magnets are always a hit and we played around with them seeing what they would pick up and what they wouldn’t.  I didn’t know why magnets pick up certain metals and not others until watching her video on it.  Gabe took some magnets out to the sandbox and buried toys and went fishing for them 🙂  Did you also know you can put a compass by a lamp cord and plug in and unplug the lamp and the compass needle will move?  And were you aware you shouldn’t put a magnet by your tv or computer screen because it will permanently change the color scheme? (I didn’t know any of that before).


The programs are very user friendly and as a homeschooling parent I think you will find them a wonderful addition/or a complete science curriculum.  There is something for everyone in this setup!  The advanced sections would also be great for a parent to use to stay ahead of their children (something I plan to utilize a lot!).  In fact, if you feel like your science knowledge is lacking this is a great opportunity for you to learn with your children!  I think you will enjoy it as much as we are!  Also, its fantastic for using with multiple ages.


Note:  this program is origin neutral.


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